Facebook Marketplace | All you need to know about Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace | All you need to know about Facebook Marketplace: It can be said that on Facebook, the Facebook marketplace is easy to reach the destination where you can buy and sell goods with distinct people in a particular region or community. In a single word, you can use it to buy and sell goods. The Facebook marketplace is not applicable or open to everyone.

Fbook Marketplace

Requirements for using the Facebook MarketPlace

Below are some requirements to enable you to use the Facebook market place;

  • Up to eighteen years or older else you will be restricted as an underage
  • Secondly, you must not be a Facebook novice; this is to prevent fraud; access to the Facebook marketplace will not be given to any newly developed account. Bear in mind that you should check back to see if you have been given access to the marketplace when the account is a little old.
  • Thirdly, download the new update of the Facebook marketplace to ensure that you are current. Keep in mind, too, that this app can only be found on iPhone 5 or new iPhone versions.

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How you can lose access to the marketplace of Facebook

If you are disabled or banned from misusing the Facebook market place site, here are some highlights about how you can be blocked;

If you use the Facebook marketplace in a way that goes against the Facebook policy or group terms and conditions, your access to the Facebook marketplace will be restricted or fully banned from using the site, but if you are very sure that you have followed the correct protocols and have not breached their rules or policies and your account is blocked. Here are what to do

  • Firstly you locate facebook.com/marketplace
  • Secondly, you tap on the request review.
  • Your appeal will be assessed immediately over a span of one week. Make sure that your email that is linked to your Facebook account is always reviewed for changes to your account or current information.

Also, bear in mind that you must update or download the new version of the Facebook app if your Facebook marketplace has been reopened or if you have been given access to the marketplace.

How a buyer or seller can be reported on the Facebook marketplace.

If the buyer is going against your policy or terms, if stated in the following ways, he may be stopped from buying;

  • Go to your Facebook account first and click the Marketplace icon.
  • Click on the listing of the seller or buyer.
  • Scroll down and click the buyer or seller report, and the instructions will display on the screen immediately.
  • Enable the forum to the messenger.
  • You then make available the message between the buyer or seller and you.
  • Then place in the top right.
  • After which, be sure to click on report buyer or seller.
  • Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Make sure to follow the steps outlined to prevent an unserious buyer;

Ways to buy something from the market place on Facebook

A lot of people find it hard to buy from the Facebook market place, below are the ways to buy from Facebook’s market place;

  • Firstly you open your Facebook account.
  • You then click on the marketplace, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Various, Items will be shown on the screen. Be sure to tap on the item you wish to buy.
  • Lastly, check for details to immediately be offered the opportunity to find out about the availability of what you want to buy.

How to mark an object that has already been sold in the marketplace

There are ways of informing buyers of items sold on the Facebook market place to avoid reordering of the item sold. Below are ways to notify them;

  • Firstly enter your Facebook account.
  • Secondly, you click on the marketplace.
  • Thirdly select selling on the right top.
  • Finally, pick the sold object and label it as sold. This will keep what has already been sold from being reordered.

Keep in mind the due process listed must be followed to achieve a good result.

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How to delete an item from the market place on Facebook

The good news is that it can also be withdrawn even after it has been placed on sale so long as it has not been purchased or sold out. Often you can accidentally add something you don’t want to offer. Below are some way to delete those items;

  • Firstly you open your Facebook account
  • Secondly, at the bottom of your newsfeed, click the center button.
  • Thirdly select the items to be erased on the top right corner
  • Lastly, tap on Manage, and then tap the item you wish to delete.

You can buy and sell on the Facebook marketplace without stress if these protocols are properly followed.

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