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You might be wondering why we listed using Tinder without Facebook because there is a  Facebook Tinder. Before we explore the way to use the Tinder app without Facebook, let’s dig into some history. Facebook has gained popularity among millions of users following Facebook’s evolution. Many webmasters took advantage of this popularity and incorporated it either in the form of Facebook comments, like or share button, signing up for the website, or accessing any application into their website and applications.

This is why people use their Facebook accounts to unwillingly sign up to these websites and put their anonymity at stake.  Most people don’t like linking their Facebook accounts to any website especially on those kinds of apps that can be a privacy issue.


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Similarly, an internationally used “Tinder” dating app has also taken this opportunity and launched a Facebook advertising campaign to target the young generation for the advancement of their app, as well as wanting authentic and genuine users to use the Tinder dating app. I addressed the reasons why you have to use tinder without Facebook above.

This post will help you learn a step-by-step guide on how without Facebook you can use tinder.

Without Facebook, How to Use Tinder  Many people browse here and there to find the answer to whether or not they should really use Tinder with or without Facebook. But to be honest, there’s no official way to use Tinder without Facebook. Either you can avoid logging in to tinder, or you can mitigate your privacy issues or  mask your real identity in three ways:

  • Adjust the Facebook account’s Tinder Program Preferences.
  • Build a New Account for Facebook.
  • Changing Tinder App Settings



Adjust goals for the Tinder application in the Facebook account One essential Facebook feature with which we can change any app’s privacy settings. So we will actually change the privacy setting of Tinder on Facebook in this way. This conceals your privacy, and without Facebook, it is just like you are using Tinder.  Follow these measures on how you can change the goals of your Facebook account with your Tinder App.

  • Sign in to your account on Facebook.
  • Tap on the Lock icon and go to Setup.
  • Set “Only me” to Tinder App privacy.                                                                    Bravo, you got Tinder hidden from your profile on Facebook. Now no one will tell whether or not you’re using Tinder.



Creating a new account on Facebook If you don’t even want to connect your personal Facebook account with Tinder, then the second approach is to build a new Facebook account to make it equal to making Tinder without Facebook. Signing up for Facebook is easy, like 1-2-3 and Go.  If you don’t know how to subscribe to Facebook, then you should follow the steps below.

  • Please go to Facebook.com
  • Enter your first name, last name, email address, date of birth, and password for full information.
  • Make sure you already have a new Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account before you enter your email address.


What to Change after Making an Account on the Tinder App: 

  • Open the Tinder app, and at the top left, see Settings gear, and tap it.
  • Tap App Settings now then tap and confirm Logout.
  • You will log out of Tinder after this.

Log in to your newly built Facebook account now. Then go to Tinder and press “Facebook login.” Now a newly built Facebook account will be connected to your Tinder app. You can now choose what data to place on it.



Changing Tinder App Settings  Of all the above methods, this one is the easiest way of using Tinder without  Facebook. This method only allows you to tweak your smartphone’s Tinder App configuration. Follow  these three simple steps:

  • On your mobile, open the Tinder app.
  • Go to your Tinder app’s ‘Settings’ portion.
  • “Show Me On Tinder Social” Deselect.
  • You can cover your identity on the social network now this way as well.

Hopefully, Tinder Without Facebook would be useful in using these three strategies.  However, you can also email Tinder and request that they change their Facebook sign-up policy.


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