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Instagram reels are a new feature on Instagram that allows its users to make a short music video clip. Moreover, users can share this video with friends and followers of Instagram. You can also use the Instagram app to access this new feature. Since the future of TikTok is currently not clear, the cartridge feature hopes to replace TikTok as a video entertainment platform.

The competition is now on, as Instagram is ready to draw some creators away from Tik Tok by rolling out the new update. In addition, this latest product is available in 5 countries around the world using Instagram. Certain countries are;

  • United States
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Canada etc.


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How Instagram Reels Functions

As an Instagram user, Reels helps you to make fun videos that you can share with friends and followers. You can then capture and edit 15-second multi-clip videos that combine audio, artistic tools, and effects.

In addition, as a user, you can share rolls on your Instagram feed with your followers. You can also make it open to the Instagram community if you operate a public account. This method is therefore done through a new space in Explore. In addition, Reels in Explore offers everyone the ability to become a producer of Instagram content. This will help you on a global stage meet a new audience.


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How to Make Instagram Reels Short Videos

In this section, in particular, we will discuss how you can make your own rolls.

  1. Open your Instagram account on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Then select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. Next, you will then see a host of creative editing tools just on the left side of your screen which will help you create your reels.


Steps in Creating your Reels

  • Audio

You must check the Instagram Music Library for an album. In addition, you can use your own original audio just by capturing a reel. This is perfect for using your own since the same reel is credited to you when you share a reel with your original audio. Others can also build cartridges by choosing (Use Audio) from your cartridge. This is only possible if you are running a public Instagram account.

  • AR Effects

You can select from one of the many effects in your effect gallery. Therefore this gallery is created by both Instagram and other creators’ contents all over the world in other to create numerous clips with diverse results.

  • Timer and Countdown

Pick a time for you to record all of your video clips automatically with no hands. Therefore, the moment you push the record button the countdown starts from 3-2-1. This is until your recording can start for the time you choose.

  • Align

You can also line up items from your previous clip before you record your next clip. This helps to establish smooth transitions. Moreover, it is best to change your outfit or add new friends to your roll.

  • Speed

Basically, any part of a video or audio you select can be accelerated or slowed down. This helps you stay in the exact beat sequence or generate slow-motion video clips.


How to Record Reel Series of Clips 

You can record reels one at a time or at a time in a series of clips. However, you can use video uploads from your gallery to accomplish this process.

The first clip can also be captured only by pressing and holding the capture button. Therefore as you log, you will see an indication of progress at the top of your screen. You can also stop the recording to complete each clip whenever you like.


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Share Instagram Reels

Like I said before, you can share your video content on reels with others. However, the large Instagram group on Explore will see your cartridge.

  • Instagram Public Account: If you run a public account, you can only share your cartridge to a dedicated area in the Explore portion. Moreover, by sharing it on your feed, you can also share your reel with followers. When somebody clicks on the tracks, the reel will share with those songs, effects, or hashtags.
  • Instagram Private Account: Basically, reels comply with your Instagram account privacy settings. You can run a private account and only your followers can see it. Other users would also not be allowed to access your cartridge’s original audio. Moreover, people cannot share your cartridges with those who don’t obey you.


How to Open and Save Reels Folder

When you have made your reels switch to the sharing screen in which a draft of the roll can be saved. In addition, change the picture cover and add a title and a hashtag. You may then add a friend during this phase who you want to see your reel. Therefore it will appear and remain on a different Reels tab on your Instagram profile after sharing your rolls. Moreover, people can quickly locate the cartridge and the one you have shared on your feed or profile.

Basically, you can still share your right to your post, either through a private or a public Instagram account. Furthermore, it will be like an Instagram tale if you post your reel in a direct message format. Moreover, it won’t save to discovery buckets and won’t also show on your profile. It will also vanish in a 24-hour cycle.


Watch Instagram Reels

Especially, Reels in the Explore feature have the power to highlight the best trending events on Instagram. However, you will discover an amusing section of fascinating Reels of everyone on Instagram. The Feed stands vertically and you can love, like, and comment on any reel even share as well.

To watch a reel, select the one on a feature label if the reel is in the Explore portion. You will see featured reels that Instagram can pick for you in other for you to view original contents. More so this reel will entertain you and as well inspire you to build your own reel too. Therefore, reels offer you new ways to express yourself and enable people with the ambition of content production to develop.

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