Day Off Request Letter: Writing Tips and Samples


Whenever you want to stay away from school, work, or any event that really needs your presence, a day off request letter will be required.

You work in a specific sector , for example, and let’s assume the company operates from Monday to Saturday. So, your sister is about to get married, and you’re going to be her maid-in-chief. What you’re going to do is write a request letter to your boss or director, listing the necessary dates that you won’t be available in the company.

This type of letter, however, is called “Request Letters.” You need to be succinct and direct when writing request letters, avoiding any auxiliary details that could undermine the message you express, state specifically and explicitly what you are requesting to provide reasons for it. If you are demanding a raise, for instance, explain why you believe you deserve one.

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Also, maintain a friendly tone in the entire message. Close the letter by thanking the recipient for his / her concern in advance and sharing your anticipation.

A formal letter or semi-formal may be the day off request letter. But you can use one of the two formats for Youse.

Remember that you should send your letter of request to your manager in advance so that he can think about it and maybe see the reasons why your request should be approved.

Here are the things you need to remember and do before you are planning to write a day off request letter.

1. You need to check the PTO policy of your firm. Some firms have unique application rules, such as taking a certain amount of days off in a row. So, if you could look at your company’s holiday policy, I would be of great help to you.

For example, I once worked in a business that gives its employees 2 days off every month on request. This ensures that you can apply for a day off twice a month as a business employee if you want to.

2. The next thing you can do after checking your company’s PTO policy is to check the company calendar. If your request is versatile, you should know if your activities would not clash with the days you want to take off.

Often, when you don’t have many duties or tasks to complete, consider requesting time off. In this instance, if you are uncertain, you may ask your employer what the best time is.

3. At a suitable time, address your proposal. Yeah, it’s nice to talk to your boss or supervisor about this when you know he’s still at risk. That’s if you’d like to apply in person.

However, let me tell you what I always do to improve the probability of having your request accepted, which I believe will also work for you.

One of these tricks is to come to work that day very early and complete your task focusedly, and often you reach your task cap for the day. You should then inquire for your day off when you are finished with your job for the day.

4. Ask rather than say. As your boss would most definitely need to approve your request, ask them if it is appropriate to take the time you take chosen for holiday rather than telling them that you are taking time off. You should note that you scheduled your holiday when making your request when it would not affect your team and tell them if you are available to answer questions when you’re away.

5. As I said earlier, when asking you how to write a letter of request, when writing a day off request, it is always nice to provide brief information. So, unless you are intending to take an extended time away from your work, it is not important to inform your boss the reasons for your PTO request.

6. In order to submit your day off submission, use the required format. In this scenario, before you make your proposal, you have to know the correct way to apply for time off.

Some businesses may need a written reply, while others may approve requests in person , i.e. OR, the organization could have an online timekeeping portal where you will need to apply your application. So, whatever the case might be, when preparing for this, consider using the correct format.

Another thing you need to know when deciding to request this is, “How many weeks it will take the company to check your application before approving you.” With this, you will know if you are going to submit your request 2 or 1 month in advance, 2 weeks in advance, and so on.

Importantly, in your absence, make sure to prepare a schedule for how work will be done (who will do what). This is the most vital thing that you need to do.

Day Off Request Letter – Sample Letter

Below are examples that you can use when you want to request a day off as a guide:


Dear Sir Lawal

I would like to kindly ask for one day off on  15th Novemeber 2020 [exact date] because [give a reason – optional]

Mr. Chibuike [colleague name] will cover for me on that day.

Please count this day against my annual leave balance.

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards



Dear  [Receivers name],

I have three vacation days available and would like to use these at the end of November. My husband and I would like to plan a trip to California. Would it be okay to use my vacation days Nov. 23-25? I looked at our team schedule, and I should be able to finish reviewing the escrow records by then. I can be available by email during my vacation for quick questions. Let me know if you’d like to have a discussion in person this week.

Thank you,
Julia Ibekwe

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