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Have you ever used the Whatsapp message delete feature? Have you ever mistakenly sent a Whatsapp message and you wish to delete it? Deleting Whatsapp messages is quite easy to do and you can delete messages on Whatsapp before the messages get to the receiver using the Whatsapp message platform. To use this platform you do not need to have to download another app first, you only need the Whatsapp app. Again deleting Whatsapp messages on iPhone can be a bit of a problem never the less you can cope and easily do it.

Whatsapp Message Delete - WhatsApp Account

Before you can think of deleting a Whatsapp message, you must have first sent the wrong message or send what was not in your intention. Secondly, you must have a Whatsapp account and a way to access the Whatsapp platform. Deleting messages on Whatsapp might seem to be impossible as you might have thought you have tried all the possible means and still can’t delete your messages on Whatsapp.

How the Whatsapp Message Delete Feature Works

Well the Whatsapp message delete platform is quite hidden and cannot be easily accessible except you are used to deleting message on Whatsapp already. Now he Whatsapp message delete platform offers you a way to delete messages in two different ways. The Whatsapp message delete platform allows you to delete message for only yourself or delete message for everyone. The Whatsapp message delete for only yourself only deletes you copy of the message, this method is used by someone who wants to get you confused on what they are chatting about.

The Whatsapp message delete for everyone on the other hand deletes both copies of the message. This method is used when you don’t want the person you are chatting with to see the message you sent. If you are fast enough you just might be able to delete the message before it gets to the reader. Although it is not hundred percent guaranteed.

How to Use the Whatsapp Message Delete Feature

To use the Whatsapp message delete feature, simply launch your Whatsapp app and wait patiently for it to load. Now locate the message you wish to delete and tap it for long without your hand shaking. When tapping it, a new window will pop up with some options. From the options, click delete and wait. Again you will be given another set of option. Either choose to delete message for everyone or delete message for yourself and magically watch the message delete.

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