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FarmVille 2

The latest social game developed by Zynga – FarmVille2 was debut on Facebook today.

The new game “was not intended to replace ‘FarmVille.’ Our goal was to create a game that was completely different than what’s already out there,” said Tim LeTourneau, Zynga’s vice president of games. “But ‘FarmVille’ is still a thriving game, and we’ll continue to support it for as long as people want to play it.”

Though the name looks like the next generation of the previous game, it has little in common with the original “FarmVille” that vaulted Zynga into mainstream consciousness after it launched in 2009. It graphically rich, more immersive upgrades from the original.

Keeping the same harvesting theme, there are no coins that come bursting out of every click. Players can now interact with cute cartoon animals instead of simply “harvesting” them with endless clicks to obtain coins, as in the original “FarmVille.” In this game, you will learn to build an empire out of the wreckage of a neglected family farm instead of rescuing lonely livestock.

The most biggest change in FarmVille 2 is 3D graphics artwork yields. With “FarmVille 2,” the game designers used newer Flash 11 technology to create a more realistic looking farm, down to fields of wheat that wave in the wind.

FarmVille 2

Farming tasks are more interconnected. Players need to precious water from wells makes seeds grow into crops, which feed the chickens and cows that produce the ingredients for the food that is cooked or sold, not to mention the fertilizer used to help more seeds grow.

Game tasks like harvesting are easier, and decorations do more than just take up space. A rocking chair will rock and wind chimes will chime.

It’s a pity that, FarmVille 2 won’t be available right away on mobile devices, although it is part of a “mobile strategy” that the company hasn’t announced yet, LeTourneau said.

Click the below video to check out the FarmVille 2 trailer.

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