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Login Facebook Google

What an interesting topic it would seem. Yeah, it really is interesting; you might even be amazed at the existence of this feature. However, it is a new feature and has not been recognized by quite a lot of individuals. In fact, you learning this make you among the first generation of people who knows this. Normally, you are already used to the Facebook platform and you know how it works, for you to sign in your facebook account, you are expected to enter your Facebook username and password.

Login Facebook Google - Log In to Your Facebook Account

That brings us to the discussion of the day, login facebook google. Login facebook google is a Facebook google feature that allows you to log in your facebook account via your Gmail account without you having to input your Facebook password or username. Fantastic, right? Well, as it would seem this feature is indeed true and I will be giving you guided steps on how to access and enable this feature, but before then lets go on a little trip about the benefits of the login facebook google feature.

Benefits of the Login Facebook Google Feature

Normally from time to time you might forget your facebook and that is where this feature will come in really handy as you will no longer need your facebook password or username to login. Another benefit of this feature includes its simplicity, security, and convenience. You can get more details about this feature by searching google.

How to Enable Login Facebook Google Feature

Well as this process may seem very difficult, it can also be done easily. The main discussion or rather the main thing you need to do enable this feature is linking your google account to your facebook account. Again I say it in simpler terms, linking your google account to your facebook account can prove to be very difficult. However to do this;

  1. Log in your Facebook account via the official facebook login page at www.facebook.com.
  2. Now, you will be redirected to your Facebook news feed. On your news feed page click on the more menu icon usually represented with a downward arrow. Now you will be given a list of options on things you can set on your facebook account.
  3. Now visit my account settings and scroll down to linked accounts. Add a new linked account and click on google. Add your google account and that is it.

Now to confirm it works. Log out of your facebook account and make sure your google account is signed in on your device. Once you are sure that you are logged out, visit the official facebook URL at www.facebook.com and you will be amazed that you are automatically logged in on your facebook account.

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