How to Remove My Phone Number from Facebook Messenger


How to Remove My Phone Number from Facebook Messenger: If you utilize Facebook from a mobile device or from a PC, your mobile number will definitely appear to all your friends on your profile page and even anyone can have access to it whenever they want to. This may be a problem because you don’t may not know who wants it or who is checking your account on Facebook.

In order to avoid some embarrassing calls, you can simply remove or hide your phone number on Facebook or Messenger so only specific people can see it or only you would see it. To do this, follow the guidelines below;

1: Launch your Facebook App or open any internet browser and go to Facebook Log in page and login into your account

2: on your Facebook home page, tap on “Account Settings”

3: then tap on “General”

4: Tap on “Phone”

5: Then click on “Remove from your account”

6: to confirm this, you have to re-enter your Log-in password and finally tap on “Remove Phone”

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When that is done, open your phone Settings and then Manage apps

Then select messenger, from the here clear data and clear cache.

Now open Messenger app and login into your account. You will notice that your phone number isn’t attached to your Messenger anymore.

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I hope I was able to teach you on how you could remove your Phone number from your Facebook Messenger, kindly share this with your contact so they can learn how it is done.

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