Facebook account disabled how long? – FB account disabled solved


Facebook account disabled for how long? – FB account disabled solved

Hello FB user, is your Facebook account disabled? Then you’ve come to the right place!

So you want to RECOVER your Facebook account back to the normal state where you can start right away posting your updates, chatting with friends, even playing games, etc? 😉

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Continue reading below;

The good news is: Yes, you can Recover/Enable your Disabled Facebook Account! 🙂

Nothing to worry, There’s a Solution! We will help you out here 😀

But hang on a minute …….

First, let me confirm whether your case is a Disabled Facebook account or Temporarily locked Facebook account.

Some people get confused about this!

So how do you know if your Facebook account has been disabled?

If your Facebook account has been disabled, when you try to log in, you’ll see a message saying that your account is disabled.


Coming to the other case, if your Facebook account is temporarily locked, then you can log into that particular account by answering your security question or by doing the Photo-Identification process, etc. Whereas for the disabled account, you should submit a Valid proof or photo ID of yours!

Ok, so now once you confirmed that your case is a disabled account,

so let’s move further,

But first, before that, have you wondered why your Facebook account got disabled?

let me tell you about this,

Why a Facebook account gets disabled?

In general, a Facebook account gets disabled if you violate the term & Conditions of Facebook.


  • Posting content that doesn’t follow the Facebook Terms

  • Using a fake profile name

  • Impersonating someone

  • Continuing behavior that’s not allowed on Facebook by violating their Community Standards!

  • Contacting other people for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, or other conduct that’s not allowed!

  • Or even if some people reports badly about your profile, then there are chances for Facebook staff to officially disable your account 🙁

For certain violations, Facebook won’t even issue a warning too before disabling your account. For more clear Information about facebook terms & policies, you can read it by Clicking Here.

So don’t you just hate it when you lose all your valuable messages, pictures, comments of your friends, etc?

I know the feeling, I’ve been there …………….. 🙁

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that my Facebook account got disabled! Under the case of “Profile Name”, they disabled my account, and I submitted my id proof and successfully recovered back my account! 🙂

Now I’ll walk you through the whole process about how you can too successfully recover back your disabled Facebook account! 🙂

Here’s the thing:

Actually, the “Disable” is of two types, Temporarily disable and permanent disable.

And now you have to identify which case is yours,

Temporary Disable

‘Temporarily disable’ will display a message – ‘Account disabled’ when you log in, as I have shown in this below Picture,

Permanent Disable

“Permanent disable” means you’ll never get back your Facebook account. It looks like a kind of this when you try to log in,


So check what message is it displaying when you’re trying to log in.

If it says as ‘Permanent disable’, then I’m sorry, this post is not for you. You can never get back a permanently disabled account by following any trick/method on any website!! 🙁

Only the Temporarily disabled accounts can perform the method which I wrote below,

So have we got that straight?

Now let’s get things underway,

PART – 1

This Part is Easy!

There’s only one way to recover your disabled Facebook account,
i.e, by submitting an appeal,

so to submit an appeal, click the below Appeal button.


Note: If you’re logged into your Facebook account in another window, or logged in previously in your browser, then you won’t be able to see the option “Login Email Address or Mobile phone Number“ in the form, as by default it takes the data from your FB account as you’re already logged in!

So fill that form and you have to upload your Valid government-issued ID like a Passport or Driver’s license, etc and When your uploading finishes, finally click the ‘Send’ button.

Any 1 Proof will be enough in the list of below (Group One) examples,

(Anything that upload should contain either your name and date of birth or your name and photo)


  • Driver’s license

  • Voter ID card

  • Birth certificate

  • Passport

  • Personal or vehicle insurance card

  • Marriage certificate

  • Official name change paperwork

  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers

  • Tax identification card

Some other examples were listed here – What types of ID does Facebook accept?


If you don’t have a government-issued proof/photo ID, you can submit copies of any 2 different items in the list of below (Group Two)examples,

(The name on the items that you upload should be the same name that you want to show on your profile.
Also, later you may be asked to provide something from the list that also shows a photo or date of birth that matches the details on your Facebook account)

Any 2 Proofs will be needed in the list of below examples,


  • Credit card

  • Bank statement

  • Utility bill

  • School ID card

  • Library card

  • Health insurance

Some other examples were listed here – What types of ID does Facebook accept?

Good luck and let me know later in Comments! 🙂

PART – 2

So after submitting the form, what’s next?

Once you submit your proof, wait until Facebook reactivates it, it may take 2-7 days time for them to reactivate an account in general.

So check your email inbox daily which you have connected to that particular Fb account. They may send you details about your account activation status or rejection status. Or simply login into your Fb account so that you can know whether it is still disabled or got reactivated.

Don’t do this:

In order to get a quick response, some people submit proofs more than 1 time or daily which is completely against the rules, only 1 time you should submit the proof and wait!
By mistake, if you have submitted more times, then stop it and keep waiting! 🙂


Can I be totally honest with you?

In truth,

They won’t reactivate all the disabled accounts which go for appeals. Even I’ve seen many people who didn’t get their accounts back after submission of proofs. There is no guarantee that they will reactivate all accounts. Some people get back their accounts and some people don’t. [LUCK!]

And remember:

some people submit fake proofs to recover their disabled accounts. But trust me, in most cases which I saw, fake proofs didn’t work!

So submit real proofs only and if your “profile name” doesn’t match exactly with your proofs, then also you can submit real proofs and explain your problem clearly in that form by using “Additional info”, there try convincing them about why you used a fake name, and tell them that now you’re ready to use a real name… bla…bla….bla…

So just wait until you get the reply in your email Inbox, and if you have any doubts, you can always leave a comment below and I’ll reply to you there! 🙂

(Also, I’m sharing some info in the next paragraph about what to do if you got a reply that your appeal got rejected and case declared as permanent disable. So you can check that thing later after you get the reply from Facebook team!)

I got a reply that my Appeal is ‘Rejected’ and declared as “Permanent Disable”. So what to do next?


Example picture of a Permanent Disable under Copyrights case:


So for safety, create a new FB account only under the following conditions,

  • Any new IP Address(which you never used for logging into the old disabled account)

  • New Computer or Mobile(which you never accessed for logging into the old disabled account)

  • New cell number & New Gmail id (which u didn’t use earlier for that old disabled FB account)


How Can I Open My Disabled Facebook Account


This article is to assist you with how you can open up your disabled Facebook account; you could open your damaged Facebook account with the options below, however, if your account is completely disabled. Then there is no other way to obtain it back yet in instance your account is briefly handicapped you could obtain it back.

Facebook Account Recovery

Do not stress; we are right here to aid you in the detailed overview of the best ways to reactivate your disabled Facebook account. In this short article, we will certainly guide you on how you can start using your Facebook account again.

How Can I Open My Disabled Account on Facebook

Individuals assume that their Facebook account is currently completely deactivated or deleted, but in the real sense its not. You have an opportunity to reactivate your disabled Facebook account.

Facebook Account Recovery

If your account is disabled, you will certainly obtain this sort of message while visiting.

Well, if you receive the above message while visiting it implies your account is disabled as well as giving you an option to enable it. Now you could open up a disabled Facebook account, just comply with the listed below actions.

Your Facebook account can be disabled because of the following reasons:

1. Making use of the wrong Log in details continuously.

2. Suspicious access to your account.

3. Making use of undesirable or elegant typefaces in your name.

4. Doing spam.

5. Publishing web content that goes against Facebook plans.

See: Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account

The best ways to Open up Handicapped Facebook Account

>> Open up the listed below web link in your internet browser. Click on this link.

>> After that fill your e-mail id, your initial name and also connect a federal government provided id card [ID card have to have the very same name and also DOB on it]

Below are the adhering to the kind of Identification Cards that Facebook Approves.

1. Citizen ID Card.

2. Owning Permit.

3. Marital relationship Certification.

4. Permit Or Migration Paper.

5. Aadhar Card (just for Indians ).

6. Lorry Insurance coverage Card.

If you are listed below 18, you could send the ones in the list below:

1. Identification Card Provided By Institution.

2. Energy Expense.

3. Collection Card.

4. Bus Card.

5. Charge card.

Right here is just how the Account disabling process looks like:

Facebook Account Recovery

>> Input all the information properly and also click on Send.

>> After sending the typed info you will see a Thanks message.

Facebook Account Recovery

See: How to Delete a Facebook Account for Good

Currently, only wait on the Facebook reply. The Facebook group will certainly examine as well as validate your details and also if the details of the location are also okay and authentic after that you will certainly obtain your Facebook account back. If they discover any false information after that, your account would remain undoubtedly closed.

Bear in mind do not also spam on Facebook, spamming on Facebook will certainly cause the irreversible suspension of your Facebook account.

They usually respond with 24 Hr, however, occasionally it takes up to 3-4 days to assess your application. So Simply wait.

Keep in mind – Do not send out the application two times or three times or several times this will certainly cause the removal of your Facebook account.


Article credit: Tricks99.net

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  1. Sir my personal facebook account has been disable iam sending goverment id card also but my account has not been inegble

  2. I’ve had my account of 13 years disabled, over 2 weeks ago. I’m mortified I have pictures and history stored, pictures of some of my family who sadly are no longer with us.. I’ve send passport, driving licence and also my sons birth certificate as I go by my maiden name on my log in. Admittedly I have sent this information numerous times now as no ones getting back to me.
    Can you help me? I would be very grateful.
    Thank you

  3. Thank you very clear understandable article. I appeal so many time (i think its 10 time nearly) is it will be problem with my account recovery process. I just asking some advice. Thank you again.

  4. I have been using my account more than a decade by now, but on April 2, 2020, my account is being disabled, for the reason that “I’m ineligible”, which I’m clearly not and have even scanned my identity id and sent to the Facebook Team via mail. But still haven’t got a status or any info regarding the report i filed past by any means.

  5. Hi I wonder if you can help – 2 `1/2 weeks ago my account was disabled… I have sent the below to Facebook and still have had no response – I noticed it was disabled on 19th March. If you could look through please – i have had no response from Facebook what so ever – it says that it has been disabled but no mention of permanent.

    Last week I tried to log into my facebook account on my phone (usually it’s always logged in) I received a message saying that there had been some suspicious behaviour on my account. I was asked a couple of questions about friends I had added and posts I had made/shared then went through to another screen saying that my account had been disabled. I don’t know why as I have never posted anything that would be inappropriate or done anything that would bring my account into disrepute so I can only guess this was some kind of mistake by your automated system.

    A further note, I set up my account way back in 2004/5 and in 2014 I had trouble accessing it. So I temporarily set up another account, however shortly after I managed to gain access to my main account. The other account has lay dormant all of this time – only have 6 friends on there and a couple of pictures. My main account is linked to 13 business pages that I operate from and all of my friends are on there as well as 1000s of pictures form the last 16 years. I’ve been trying to figure out why this happened and I can only think that the automated system has seen I have 2 accounts and disabled one of them. I have already sent in an appeal form, but have not received anything from Facebook. I am slightly concerned by this also because at one point my main account was registered to an old email address that I have not accessed for years and so cannot gain access to. Can I please have my main account re-instated please.

    Please let me know if you have anymore questions or need any more info or forms of ID.

    Can you help at all?

  6. Hi Sarah,
    The very same thing just happened to me this past Friday night. Hackers in Egypt first got my Aol email then got a f/b password code number. When I immediately went in and changed my password I gotba notice from f/b my account was disabled. I uploaded my ID then got a final disabled notice for violating TOS & community standards. I DID NOTHING IF ANYTHING VIOLATED THE TERMS IT WAS THE HACKERS. I am not even sure if it was f/b that sent these disabled notices or if it was the hackers. But I have been completely erased from FB. My profile was created in 2009. I have so many beautiful photos memories of friends & family. I am broken hearted to the point of tears over this. Did you ever get yout account back?? It really hurts f/b did this during a world wide pandemic and when our connections are so vital.

  7. Hi I’ve had the same thing happen to me- how to did you figure out it was hackers? I’ve contacted Facebook numerous times but not had a responses. Have you neither? I wonder whether there might not be the right people about currently to deal with it due to the virus and perhaps a massive backlog? What are your thoughts on next steps? Cheers Josh

  8. W. Kleman

    I have the exact same problem, what you are describing happened to me on Friday … I can’t do anything about it anymore, I sent maybe 10 forms and still nothing:(

  9. These methods are not working and showing that ” We have fewer reviewers available due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, so we can’t review this decision at this time.”
    And is not submitting my id.
    Pls help.

    • I am also experiencing the same.

      My account is still under review, I wonder how long it will take 🙁


  10. i dont know why my fb account got disable as i got into a link free12pubg.com
    and my fb account was link to pubg
    thua my fb account got disable
    help please 😢😢

  11. My Facebook account was disbaled too saying my account is Ineligible. And I uploaded a picture of my ID card and have been waiting for 2 weeks now and Facebook hasn’t even helped me. Also, my account was disabled due to a login in from a alien device and location , that I had never seen before, so I was clearly hacked and disbaled due to this hacker, yet Facebook assumes it was me when I haven’t even been on my Facebook for a few months and when I went to finally log on after a few months I had forgotten my password so I changed it and when I went to login with my new password I was welcomed with the “Your account has been Disabled screen” and I wasn’t even on my Facebook account for a few months. so there should be no reason for my account to be disabled when I hadn’t even done anything on my Facebook account for those few months I was gone.

  12. My account is disabled too because hackers posted horrible things yesterday. I am a pensioner for goodness sake. Can fb not see it isn’t me? I’m very sad and feel there is no way to get through to fb to explain or get help. Very disappointing.

      • Please contact to me Neil Doug
        sabarajput036@gmail.com is my gmail
        My account is disabled becz of pubg scam sites there is no recovery email or number in my account but i provide my nic before 14 days but there is no response.. please help me i need my account backkk can i hope that i’ll get it back ever???

    • Gillian, what message did you get from Facebook? I too have been disabled because of hackers. I have had no contact from FB and I too have been a member since 2009. I get this message:
      We Cannot Review the Decision to Disable Your Account
      Your Facebook account was disabled because it did not follow our Community Standards. We have already reviewed this decision and it cannot be reversed.

  13. I had my account open whilst on a zoom networking call last Thursday (7th) and put my Facebook link in the chat box as did everybody else, I noticed just after that my account had been disabled. My friend then called me to say that my profile picture was changed to a jihadi symbol so I must have been hacked somehow, would this be linked to the link on the chat? I filed out the form to say it was disabled by mistake but no reply 6 days later & impossible to contact them. I need my FB account t for not just personal stuff but also my business page so I opened a new account the following day only for it to be disabled again yesterday. Filed out the form again, obvs no reply yet. What do I do ?

    • my account has been disabled for 30 days now!! I posted a St.George day flag ON ST.GEORGE’S DAY!!!my account was disabled with no warning!! I’ve filled out the form and sent my ID.. do they reinstate your account without letting you know or email you?
      Has anyone had their account reinstated ??

      • Yes, that too happened with me , when i connect FB app with my smart watch. More over I am not able open another a/c. Its so shitty, opening bank a/c is easier than fb a/c

    • Please help meee someone please sabarajput036@gmail.com is my gmail
      My account is disabled from 14 days i give nic but no response I don’t have any recovery email or number on my account how i get my account back? Please help me please i have 1000uc on my pubg please help meee ?

  14. Carrie I had that same message. Devastating isn’t it? However several weeks later I had a message from fb about something on my business page so I tried to log in again. The new message was something like ‘ it looks as though someone tried to access your account. Change your password’ This I did and then there followed a whole series of questions with bits of my fb page shown. Then I was back! The hacked bits had gone. I was very wary at first but fingers crossed it’s been fine. Good luck with yours.

  15. Gilian please Facebook is telling me that
    Your Facebook account was disabled because it did not follow our Community Standards. We have already reviewed this decision and it cannot be reversed.
    Is this permanent?

  16. Hi enimini, i got same message.! I wonder if that is permanent. Disable fb last june 12 still hoping that they will reactivate it, this is not the time they would close it for none valid reason. All my family contact is there. And this is the only way we can communicate how everyone doing on this pandemic crisis. Ive not violited anything, if there is, maybe a minor only that would not took so long to reactivate it. Unlike other people posting porn on there account. Sad all my contact and beautiful pictures with my family is all gone.

  17. Help I guess I was hacked too. When I try to log it says You can’t use Facebook because your account, or activity on it, didn’t follow our Community Standards. We have already reviewed this decision and it can’t be reversed. To learn more about the reasons why we disable accounts visit the Community Standards. I have never done anything wrong. I was told there was suspicious activity and to change my password so I did and this is the message I get now

  18. Facebook disabled my account and following your instructions it tells me that too much time has passed. I am however able to log in via my phone app. On my laptop it also asks me: Not Jo Moe (which I am not, but my email is listed correctly). I am not sure how to proceed as it wont let me send it for review.

  19. This Problem I have, Do You Have Any Solution Plz Plz Plz Guide me.

    You can’t use Facebook because your account, or activity on it, didn’t follow our Community Standards.
    We have already reviewed this decision and it can’t be reversed.
    To learn more about the reasons why we disable accounts, visit the Community Standards.

    My Whatsup no. +92***3247556

  20. Exactly same happened to me
    Please help meee someone please sabarajput036@gmail.com is my gmail
    My account is disabled from 14 days i give nic but no response I don’t have any recovery email or number on my account how i get my account back? Please help me please i have 1000uc on my pubg please help meee ?

  21. Me too… I was trying to change some personal information regarding my age. I wanted to be a few years younger but I went all the way down to 0 by mistake and my account was immediately disabled. I sent a pic of my drivers license, this was 4 days ago and I have heard nothing back yet. How long should I wait, what are my chances of getting back my account?

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