BTC Facebook – Trade Your Bitcoin on Facebook | How to Get Started with BTC Facebook


BTC Facebook simply refers to BTC on Facebook! If you are a BTC user, then this should be of great benefit to you. We all know Facebook as a social media platform that features various services on its platform. Among the list of these services, BTC has also been brought to you. If you are a Facebook user and a BTC user, then you should have a slight idea to the connection between these two. However, not everyone has this idea. This is the reason this article has been put up for you. But before I move on to the connection between bitcoin and Facebook, let’s see what BTC is all about.

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BTC Facebook - Trade Your Bitcoin on Facebook

What Is BTC?

BTC is the popular abbreviation for the word Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency, mostly called a cryptocurrency. This currency is available in US Dollars, Euros and Pounds. However, it exists in digital and virtual form and not in physical form. BTC (Bitcoin) can be used just like real money too. You can make use of BTC to buy goods from others. You can also receive BTC currency as a form of payment for sales. An individual can send and receive BTC too. So, you see, it can be used just like the real money. However, not all locations accept it as a medium of payment.

For you to make use of BTC, you will need a BTC wallet – a bitcoin wallet. This is wallet is also digital too. It is where all your bitcoins are stored and kept. Using this wallet, you can send bitcoins to others. With this wallet, you can also receive bitcoins from others too. How do you get BTC? You can receive BTC (Bitcoin), you can buy BTC, and you can also create BTC. This is how it works.

How Does BTC Facebook Work?

BTC Facebook refers to bitcoin on the Facebook platform. And by following the brief preview of what bitcoin is, you should get to know how these two are connected. Do you remember how you get bitcoin? One way to get bitcoin is buying bitcoin from others! This is where Facebook comes in.

Facebook is a platform that serves you with so many functions. Facebook is a platform for messaging, entertainment, news and information, and even a marketplace! So, on Facebook, you can be able to buy and sell BTC, and also get information and updates about BTC. This is how it works.

How to Get Started with BTC Facebook

Do you want to buy and sell BTC? Do you want to get and share updates and information about BTC? Then you can do so on Facebook groups and pages. These locations on the Facebook site works as marketplaces and locations where you get updates and information about BTC. Let’s get started.

Facebook Groups

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Using the search bar on your homepage, search for BTC Facebook.
  • Above the search results, click on Groups. This will filter out the bitcoin groups.
  • You will find a list of groups. Select a group and Join.

By joining, you send a request to be a member. Once you become a member, you can interact with others on the group. Here, you can find people who sell bitcoin. You can also sell bitcoins by posting your sales on the group.

Right on this group, you can also get news and updates about bitcoin.

Facebook Pages

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Search for BTC Facebook.
  • Click on Pages, above the search results.
  • You will find a list of pages. Like and follow a page of your choice.

This will help you to get posts and updates from the page. You can also post your sales, if you are a seller.

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