Autoplay Gif Facebook – How to Use Facebook Gif Reactions


If I may ask, what is Autoplay Gif Facebook? Autoplay GIF Facebook is moving or displaying emojis or a short video. Autoplay GIF Facebook is displaying emojis that can be used in place of sending text messages. GIF can be used in commenting photos like I said sending of text messages. And also, it can be used as a post just like posting photos to your news feed or timelines. Facebook as be the world popular social media platform.

Autoplay Gif Facebook - How to Use Facebook Gif Reactions

Facebook is a social media used for sharing, communicating and connecting with our loved ones across. You can upload your video clips and images to be shared with friends on your Facebook timeline the world. You can also watch lots of amazing video clips on Facebook for free on your Facebook newsfeed. Play tons of games on the gameroom. Maintain a friend list. Facebook is free and easy.

GIFs can also be downloaded from the GIPHY website and can be used on Facebook. note, you can only use downloaded GIFs on your mobile Facebook but can be used on the Facebook website. The only way you can use GIFs from the internet on your Facebook account is by copying the Gifs link and then paste it inside the comment or reply box.

How to Download Gifs

You can download GIFs from the internet to your device or system. Follow the steps below to download Gifs.

  • To download, you may likely open your web browser on your system or device.
  • And access the GIFs website at
  • Then you can have the access to view all the GIFs in the site.
  • Click on the GIFs you want to download if you have anyone in mind or search for GIFs by accessing the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Also, click and hold the GIF and a pop-up menu will appear.
  • Click on save image or download image and it will be downloaded to your device or system.

These are the steps that you can apply to how you can download GIFs from the internet.

How to Send Gifs on Facebook

You can send GIFs if only you apply the steps in this article. you have to login your Facebook account and enter the name of the person who you want to send the GIF to and click on the GIFs icon close to your text box. Choose the one you want to send to the person and click send. You can also send GIFs from the internet to your Facebook by copying the GIF link and paste it inside the comment or text box and click send.

Facebook Registration

For you to access Facebook Gifs you have to sign up or register first.

  • Open your system web browser and visit
  • Then enter your first and last name.
  • And your email address and a password.
  • Then choose your gender and date of birth.
  • And click the signup.

After signing up is not over yet you have to verify your account with the confirmation that will be sent to your email or message inbox. Copy the code and paste it inside the code box and click verify.

Facebook Comments

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