How to see Facebook hidden friends – Find Hidden Friends on Facebook |  How Facebook Friend Mapper Extension Work


How to see Facebook hidden friends - Find Hidden Friends on Facebook

If you hide your friend list, your friend will be able to see only your mutual friends. And also, if someone hides their friend list same thing applies to you. Sometime, people may need to check someone hidden friend list because they are looking for someone but may not be able to find the person. Maybe they are friends with their friend, but they can’t be able to see the hidden friend list, because the person friends list is set to private.

For you to see someone hidden friend list, then you need to perform a graph search on Facebook. If you and a target profile have at least one friend in common. The graph search will help you to find hidden friends to target. Does this look so confusing to you? You don’t have to worry. Here are Google chrome extensions which will perform the graph search for you.

Way to See hidden friends list on Facebooks –
How to see Facebook hidden friends

Do you want to know, how to reveal someone private friend list on Facebook? To reveal someone private friend list on Facebook, is very simple. All you need to do is simply apply this step listed below.

  • Add a Facebook friend mapper extension to your Google Chrome browser
  • After you finish adding this extension, then reload the Facebook and you will get a new tab on Facebook profile of your friend name reveal friends.
  • What you need to do, here is to click on reveal friends and it will start scanning for their private friend list, note this takes time depending on how long their friend list is.
  • Then after it finishes scanning it will show you the Facebook IDs for their friends in a popup window.

 How Facebook Friend Mapper Extension Work

Like what I have mentioned above, that this extension performs a graph search by taking your friends Facebook ID band and also one on your mutual friends Facebook ID as

With this both users ID, you need to insert them to single URL which looks like,

and with this search it shows you, common friends of them, this may result in few friends, after getting one or more friend by this search, and again it performs graph search between friends Facebook ID and also the new found Facebook IDs, it goes many time and results in the list of private friends of your friend.

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