How to Freely Track a Smartphone’s Location


How to Freely Track a Smartphone’s Location

Free Smartphone Position Tracking — You can track a mobile device’s location even if the user has turned off both GPS and Wi-Fi. With the help of a well-known smartphone control panel, the software can still find cell phone whereabouts.

Free and Remote Ways to Track a Smartphone

A smartphone can be tracked in at least three ways. We’ve compiled a list of every method for tracking a phone from afar. The good news is that you won’t have to jailbreak or root your device. These are straightforward, intelligent, and practical options. We’ve tried every approach and are confident that you’ll be able to use them all in 2021.

The most effective method for tracking a smartphone’s location for free

The best approach to find the position of any device – whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet – is to use the monitoring app. This solution has nearly no disadvantages and includes all of the advantages.

Hoverwatch is a unique piece of software that allows you to not only track the movement of your phone and determine its location, but also collect extra data:

  • Calls, both incoming and outgoing
  • To whom a person sent an SMS or a social media message
  • What kinds of places are visited?

To put it another way, Hoverwatch is a one-stop shop. You’ll gain a lot more than just a basic understanding of the job. If your goal is tracking, though, you will receive exactly what you desire. You’ll get the following:


  • Monitoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Location in real time
  • History of the location
  • Reports in great detail
  • A control panel provides easy access.

Smartphone location can also be tracked for free via GPS systems and signals from Wi-Fi hotspots.

To track phone whereabouts, both GPS systems and signals from Wi-Fi hotspots near the target device can be employed as data sources.

The signal obtained with GPS is extremely accurate. The signal received through Wi-Fi hotspots is less precise, but it consumes less battery power.

In your personal account, you can adjust the tracking frequency at any moment.

On the detailed map in the account, you can see a user’s present location and commute path. It can be accessed from any Internet-connected device. You don’t have to be concerned about where your children or employees spend their time now that you know how to surreptitiously track a cell phone location for free.

Blue dots mark the geolocation points of the target device on the map (OpenStreetMap). When a user is repeatedly detected in the same location, the color of the dot progressively turns to red. You can zoom in on the map by clicking the dot on it.

Control buttons can be found in the upper right corner of the user panel window. If you click Play (“>”), the Cell Phone Tracker will use lines to show you the device’s route over the selected time period.

Without installing an app, here’s how to track a phone.

You must make use of Google Maps. This service offers a fantastic feature called location history, which allows you to see all of the target device’s movements or do the following steps:

  • Log into your Google account on the target smartphone and computer; you must be logged into the same account on both.
  • Toggle on the location history feature by opening and finding the setting button. On this website, you can do the same.

Set up your Timeline to remain hidden. Allow all emails from the service to be blocked. Google gives out timeline highlights to your inbox once a quarter. Even if you opened a fresh email account and are the only one who uses it, a report notification may appear on your mobile phone (Android or iOS).

This method is also applicable to iPhone users.

Find My iPhone is a pre-installed app for iPhone owners. You can also use this capability if you have access to someone’s iCloud account. You can view the approximate location of the target device thanks to the app. Because this function isn’t well-developed, you won’t be able to check your location history.

Both approaches, as you can see, have considerable drawbacks. Yes, they work, and they can even teach you something, but we can’t call it genuine tracking.

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