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We have seen the likes of Kroger, Walmart, Shopify, and other marketplaces, but never have we seen a social media website not to talk of the number one social media platform that has a marketplace. This is the first time we are seeing it. But we are very excited as the Marketplace Facebook app is widely used among Facebook users and it is almost like an entire platform on its own but present in the facebook app. In today’s post, we will talk on all you need to know about the Marketplace App.

In case this sounds like what you want to know about the let’s go ahead. As we have a lot to talk about today.


Marketplace Facebook App

This is the Facebook marketplace present on the Facebook platform where registered users can access if it’s available in their location and engage in buying and selling. This marketplace has seen lots of audiences from so many people, companies and businesses in selling and buying from there in their millions monthly. this has become one of the top buy and sell places.

Integrating social media and the market has proven to be just what we have have been waiting for. Hence the vast success of the marketplace platform. However, the marketplace is not yet available for all locations due to the fact that it’s still rolling out for more places. So if you check and you cant access it, it might be due to the fact that it’s not yet available to you.

Getting or accessing the Facebook marketplace is an easy thing to do. It’s not something of rocket science, in fact, it’s right in the Facebook app that you can find the Facebook marketplace right there on there. Now there are different ways on how to get the Facebook marketplace icon.

How to get Facebook marketplace icon on android is easy, to get the marketplace you should look at the top of your Facebook page when you have logged in your account for the market icon. While for those using iOS check the bottom of your Facebook page to find the marketplace app or icon. For desktop check the left side of your Facebook page for the icon which looks like a shop or store icon. But if that’s too hard for you to do or you can’t find it there simple visit this link like to go directly to the Marketplace.

In the case where you still are not able to access the marketplace after clicking that link, then knows its not yet available in your location. So you have to wait for it to be available or use other market platforms.

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Facebook Marketplace Local App

With this app, the Facebook marketplace app you will have access do buy and selling in your local environment because that is how it works. Only items available in your locality can be accessed by you for more convenience and so that you don’t have to ship items. This makes it easy to buy and sell in your area and eliminates the cost of transport.

Facebook Marketplace App not Showing Up

Well, there are a few reasons for your marketplace app not to show up. And the reason being that it might not be available for your area or it’s temporarily available or you have been ban from accessing the marketplace app. To sure visit the Marketplace link again. To know exactly what is the cause. Then check my post on Facebook marketplace not working where I talked about most of the problems facing users using it.


If you like online shopping then this marketplace is a must for you to try. and one of the reasons I like it is that you can get listings locally in your area. Which is not so for other marketplaces. Also using this you can generate lots of sales and get reed of items you don’t want in your house and make extra money. So if the marketplace is available in your location its high time you give it a try as there are thousands of people which it’s available in their location.

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