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The Facebook Status feature is a new trend on the social media platform. With Facebook status, you get to share texts, videos, pictures, and other forms of multimedia with your Facebook friends. These statuses expire after a certain duration and they are simply used to express one’s present feeling and catch more fun on the social media platform. These days, the number of people on Facebook has tripled the number as of 2012, and individuals catch fun with their loved ones with posts, messages, and interactions.

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Occasionally, coming up with the perfect status or what to simply write on your Facebook wall can be a daunting task, however, we will take care of that feeling for you as we will reveal the best Facebook status update in this guide.

So read on and find out 100 of the Best quotes from Facebook Statuses that can be used to generate an idea or simply create your perfect status update

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Best Status for Facebook in English

We will start with the best status for Facebook in English. These compilations are from the short Facebook status that your friends will certainly like, share, and comment on.

  1. In this life, where people are supposed to be loved and things used, it’s quite the opposite, because people are used and things loved.
  2. You know your truest friends when life is the toughest, friends are like 2 reds in a thousand yellows, and you can count them, be grateful for your real friends, and always pray for them.
  3. Life is wonderful, busy, inspiring, hard, joyful, filled with memorable experiences both bad and good, in one-word life is a mystery, make the best out of it.
  4. Changing your kind of person to gain likeness from others, will only reduce your worth, and waste your time, being you is simple and unique.
  5. Who says you have to change yourself because of others, look if they like you, they will adjust or just get used to you, it’s lovely that way.
  6. To forgive truly is far better than holding a grudge, as it will keep weighing you down, and keep hurting you, your heart will always be heavy.
  7. May you find comfort and peace henceforth. And you will receive divine strength to become something great.
  8. Helping others when you can is important, because you might need help tomorrow, and these people will be happy to return the favor, and when they do, receive with appreciation in your heart and gratefulness to God.
  9. Education is and Remains the Best Legacy, but it is not and will Never Be a Hope for the Future Fulfilments.
  10. When a girl is being told she is hot, its compliments to her body, when told she is pretty, its compliments to her face, when told she is beautiful, it’s because she has a heart of gold.
  11. Learning Is An Eternal Process. Whatever We Get to Realize Or Know We Learn It Either Formally Or Informally.
  12. Others may be there to complete your list of friends while some will make life worth living.
  13. Shout out to as many people, who are keeping their dream and staying true to it. Big ups.
  14. Father Lord, I need that blessing that will shock the world, as well as my enemies. This I pray amen.
  15. Everyone plays a role in your life. Some will be there for the rainy days, while others for the sunny days.
  16. Some people hardly post status on Facebook, because they think they have a master’s degree in being mature.
  17. Stop asking girls if they have a boyfriend. Take her out, buy her food, and make her laugh, give her money and let her decide if she’s single or not.
  18. Some of us get too attached to temporary things, little wonder why our happiness doesn’t last.
  19. One truth you need to know is education is different from going to school. You can be educated and not go to school and at the same time, you can go to school and not be educated. It’s that simple.
  20. Begin your day with a positive mindset, and work to end your day on a positive note, try to forget whatever might have angered you during the day, and you will see how enjoyable life is.
  21. I will invariably say, people need to spread out the net of their plans by not putting all eggs in one basket, with the hope of getting the best achievements from Education.
  22. Because you are not happy today, you don’t have to blame someone, because when you are happy it is neither their responsibility. So learn to deal with stuff.
  23. Life can be funny, why? Because one day everybody is nice to you, the other day, they are like a thorn in your flesh.
  24. When people tell you that you can’t do it, put them to shame by proving them wrong. Be relentless.
  25. Anything worth a fortune isn’t easy to get, anything easy to get isn’t worth a fortune. Easy come easy go.
  26. Note to you all: when you find a big bag of problems, you should let it be, even though you know it’s gonna be a lot of fun to play with, just count to ten and let it go.
  27. Always give room for people who are always nice to you, not people you want to be nice to you, or people that keep treating you like shit.
  28. This life is too short to give attention to thighs that don’t matter, give love to those that love you, and ignore those that don’t. You cannot live a life that pleases everybody.
  29. Give attention to those who value your friendship, and take heel from people who don’t, I tell you they are time wasters. Aren’t worth your time.
  30. There are many reasons why you should quit now. But remember the reason you started in the first place, don’t back out now.
  31. True friendship is everything and hard to come by, when you have it, give it your all because if you lose it, you might not get it back.
  32. Do not judge people by their outlook, because with time, youthful appearances fade.
  33. Never forget this in life, always expect the unexpected, be prepared for the worse, but hope for the best.
  34. Until you realize that, you are the architect of your misery, you will keep failing and never be happy, because it is how you handle every problem, you find happiness afterward.
  35. When you give room for negative thoughts, your mind looms with sadness, but when you let in sweet and exciting thoughts, you become happy, the choice is yours. Make a wise decision now.
  36. Sometimes, God gives us a pen to write our lives ourselves, when we make mistakes, we can’t undo them, and we make corrections and learn from them.
  37. Life is not about, where you go or when you get there, there is more to life, life is about what you make of it while having all the chances in the world.
  38. Life might be hard now, even tomorrow, but don’t give up on your dreams, you might not find the light at the end of your tunnel, make your light and shine. You are a born champion. You just gotta keep believing in yourself.
  39. The world will most certainly be a great place to live in if everybody will just mind their businesses and let me mind mine.
  40. Your friends are always gonna give you pains, but it’s left for you to choose whose pain is worth it, or whose time has elapsed.

Those are the best updates for your Facebook wall that are certain to gain people’s attention and attract engagements like likes, shares, and comments on your Facebook timeline. After all, Facebook is meant to be fun!

Facebook Status Update

Now, if you are looking for what to post as your Facebook status update, here are update ideas for you to choose from.

  1. Be happy for no reason like a Baby, because if you are happy for some reasons, then you might be in
  2. Sometimes we fall in love with someone who won’t love us back because we fail to see who loves us for who we truly are.
  3. The right woman will love everything about you that the wrong woman could not deal with. It’s just how life is. Find the right person and we remain happy for the rest of your life.
  4. If you try and fail in life, never give up, because you are a failure if you don’t try at all.
  5. You only live once, and you only need one chance to live your life right.
  6. Smile my sweetheart, today gonna be much better than yesterday, God is working in your favor now.
  7. DON’T CALL ME: Hun Honey Bae Babe Baby Boo Love Cutie Sweetie Sweetheart ANY OF THAT SHIT! , Unless I’m the ONLY ONE you’re saying that too!
  8. I don’t want to be friends with you, I want to be more than a friend. If you will just take me as I am.
  9. The fact is, this life is overrated, when writing the story of your life, make sure you are the one with the pen.
  10. Prayer can cure a sad soul, a weak heart, and a confused mind, pray until something happens.
  11. Find someone who will give you everything, not material things, but sweet divine love. And you will see how your life will become great again.
  12. Sometimes these funny thoughts just come up, like, maybe we are not supposed to fall in love, and you know anything that falls, breaks. Lol
  13. This life is very simple, the funny irony is, and it’s not just easy.
  14. The best girlfriend will cry for you, be jealous of other girls around you, be there for you at any given time, and most importantly, will love you with all her heart.
  15. Life is not about how hard problems hit you, it’s how you handle those problems and come out on top victorious.
  16. You know the best feeling in the world is when you are staring at your girl, and she is already smiling back at you. That’s just divine.
  17. Let your belief be bigger than your fear, this way you will conquer the world.
  18. There will come a time in our lives when we are faced with the choice of letting some people out of our lives and appreciate the good, real friends do for us.
  19. Love can drive one nuts mehn, you don’t believe me? Ok, go fall in love, you’ll see.
  20. It’s this simple, if you love life, life will always love you back one way or the other.
  21. The truth is always bitter, and never simple.
  22. The best determination one can get is self-believe. Be your motivation.
  23. Sometimes what wrong choices do, it’s just to take us to the right places.
  24. Trouble, because that reason can be taken from you at any time.
  25. The true test of character is doing the right thing, even when everyone around you isn’t.
  26. Sometimes the best your family and friends can offer is an excuse.
  27. Stop reliving the past, and set your eyes on the future, for the best is yet to come.
  28. This life is just one big story, makes yours the bestselling book.
  29. It’s not about claiming to have a bright future, it’s how you plan on getting that future.
  30. Experience is the worst teacher, sometimes though.

Status for Facebook about Life

Well, we told you we will give you the best status update for almost all situations. Now we will reveal the best status update when it comes to life matters. Listed below are the best status for Facebook relating to life

  1. Try to live your life to the greatest potentials, because life is filled with enjoyment and fun, enjoy life, and stay blessed.
  2. I am myself, and I can’t change for no one, because being myself is light weighted.
  3. You will make the world a better place if you make yourself a better person. It is the thing we do for love.
  4. Life is not all about what happens to you, it’s mostly how you go about what happened to you.
  5. It’s not what you say that matters sometimes, it’s how you say it.
  6. Someone is keen on seeing you today and wants to make you happy.
  7. It’s beautiful how strangers can become friends, but it’s so when those friends turn strangers once small.
  8. Be a strong person with a positive attitude, because a positive mind makes room for great miracles, life is 20 percent, how you choose to live it is 80 percent. Stay woke.
  9. Do not dislike those people who are envious of you, but appreciate and respect their envy, these are the people who inspire you to be better, they think they are better.
  10. Do you know, everybody wants to be happy all the time, but no one wants pain, gold went through fire to become shining?
  11. Sometimes you will get it right, while sometimes you will learn.
  12. One friend can just make it all go away.
  13. I appreciate those who told me I couldn’t, you are the reason I did it.
  14. Good people will come and go, but only the best will stay with you through thick and thin.
  15. Enjoy your life today, because yesterday has gone and tomorrow is uncertain.
  16. I know who I am, and I won’t change who I am. Staying true to who I am, makes me the person I am today, I accepted my failures and worked on overcoming them. Now I am an overcomer.
  17. Some burdens are blessings in disguise, do not despair.
  18. I prefer being hated for what I am than to be liked and honored for what I am not.
  19. For everyone who thinks they know me, I am not sorry to have failed you big time, because you can’t study me, you won’t graduate.
  20. I am not disappointed you break the trust I had for you, I am disappointed at myself for believing you were different from the others.
  21. Sometimes the best friendship is the ones you never wanted to be in.
  22. If you think when I fall, that’s the end, sorry to be disappointed, I stand up stronger.
  23. I promise to be by your side till the end. Said me.
  24. Contentment is positive thinking, appreciating what you have now, will always make way for more, it’s a choice you can make now.
  25. Those who smile in trouble, and gather momentum from pain, and become victorious, are the real heroes.
  26. Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life. Joel Osteen
  27. I may not be good enough for everybody, but I am sure good enough for those that deserve me.
  28. Do not judge me by my past, and if you are keen on judging me, let’s see how you perform when I put you there.
  29. I respect those who smile in trouble, gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection.
  30. At least God never forsakes me, he will always stand by me till the end. Grateful heart.

I hope our revelation on the Best Status for Facebook in 2020 sectioned into Best Status for Facebook in English, Facebook Status Update and the Best status about life was helpful?

Please ensure you share this guide with your friends because when their status and timeline posts become fun and interactive, you will also enjoy being friends with them. Thank you for reading along. If you have any questions, kindly indicate using the comment box below.

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