Where to sell an out-of-operation catalytic converter and what price will the dealers offer?


Vehicle converters purify hazardous emissions, convert their toxic elements into harmless ones. The purification process can be explained by a chemical reaction between the emissions and platinum, iridium, rhodium, or palladium that coat the converter honeycomb.

Even after the catalytic converter failure, there are still precious metals in it. For this reason, out-of-operation converters are bought for scrap by recycling companies. The prices for Volkswagen catalysts are featured on the following website:https://autocatalystmarket.com/us/en/products/volkswagen.

Used converter cost

The price of a used converter depends on the manufacturer and condition of the part, as well as weight, parameters, and the cost of precious metals on the London Stock Exchange. Japanese auto converters have the highest cost. Automobile converters with a higher content of valuable metal are made for countries where strict environmental requirements are imposed on the exhaust. For this reason, converters from EU countries are also highly rated in the aftermarket.

To determine how much precious metal a particular converter contains, express diagnostics is carried out. X-ray fluorescence analysis will show the quality and volume of a specific metal.

Dealers buy out catalytic converters made by any manufacturer, but prices even for the same models will vary. Highly worn-out converters that are split cost lower. According to world standards, dealers offer to pay about 60-75% of the cost of the precious metal contained in the part. This rule is generally accepted and suits both sellers and buyers. If the car owner wants to extract the precious metal without professional assistance, it will not be economically profitable, since expensive equipment should be purchased for this purpose.

Here are some factors that affect the prices of used converters:

  • The engine capacity. The smaller capacity means less volume of precious metals.
  • The part condition. The defects, such as dents and chips, make the converter cost less.
  • The cost is affected by the country of origin, vehicle manufacturer, and mileage.

What converters will not be accepted by dealers?

All catalytic converters are accepted for recycling, but some parts can be accepted as scrap only if they do not meet the basic requirements:

  • the ceramic interior of the part must be separated from the particulate filter;
  • the converter should not be dirty and contaminated with asbestos impurities, and soot particles;
  • the moisture content of the part should not exceed more than 2%.

If the converter is damaged, it can lose more than 50% of its value. So it is not recommended to sell the part in a critical state.

By selling used converters for scrap, vehicle owners have the opportunity to earn money and at the same time take care of the environment.

The used part will still serve as a material for the production of technological and electronic items. The possibility to recycle car parts has a positive effect on the environment since hazardous substances accumulated during the converter operation can pollute the soil and air.

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