Three Resilient Career Paths to Pursue During the Covid-19 Pandemic


As the workforce continues to be disrupted by the recent pandemic, it can be easy to wonder where the future of work is headed. Millions are now out of work and considering new career paths, but are also reluctant to jump straight back into the workforce. Landing a job that may not exist through the end of the pandemic or into the future is a major concern for anybody job hunting right now, so identifying resilient career paths is more important than ever.


Overall, tech-based jobs are the most likely to see long-term survival whereas traditional jobs may fall by the wayside. To that end, pursuing jobs that are heavily based in tech may be the best course of action today. Fortunately, intense knowledge of all things to do with technology is not required to work in this field, so long as the right jobs are pursued.

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Data Science

When people are asked to think of tech jobs, most minds immediately turn to those that are based on coding languages or programming languages. While it’s true that there are a large number of jobs centered around these skills, there are far more tech jobs available that require little technical knowledge.


Becoming a data scientist is starting to become a more popular path. Rather than requiring coding skills, data scientists use analytical skills to evaluate large amounts of data and turn it into meaningful information that higher-ups at their companies can use to make key business decisions. This profession does require some talent in mathematics, but for the most part, anyone can launch a career on this path. 


In the past, a master’s degree was required to enter this field, but technology has made this path accessible to anyone who owns a computer. Highly rated data science bootcamps now exist that can teach anyone the necessary skills to enter this field in a matter of months. On top of all of this, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows promising numbers for this field as a whole, making it one of the most resilient careers to pursue today. 

Digital Marketing

Sticking to tech jobs that require little to no intense technological knowledge, digital marketing is a field of rising importance that anyone can pursue. All that is needed is a creative eye and a general understanding of marketing strategies. As companies have moved online amidst the pandemic, they are needing to discover new ways to sell their products or services online. Digital marketers are responsible for achieving this goal.


Overall, a digital marketer is responsible for anything from social media marketing to website marketing. As mentioned, knowledge of marketing is extremely beneficial to this career, for obvious reasons, but given that online marketing is so new, companies are always looking for bright and unique ideas.


Launching a career in this field may be as easy as pursuing an online degree or simply taking online classes. If you are a marketer now, making the switch to digital could set you up better in the long run.

Web Development

When it comes to resilient careers set to survive the pandemic, it would be remiss to not include any that have to do with coding. However, rest assured that coding and programming are not as difficult to learn as they may seem. 


Web developers will be crucial in the future as they build both the front and back end of the websites we use every day. As companies continue to move their services and overall business online, professionals capable of developing these websites will be high in demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8 percent growth in the field within the next decade.


Becoming a web developer doesn’t require formal schooling, but it does require knowledge of coding languages. Attending a coding bootcamp can give you the skills needed to start your career. Alternatively, online trade schools also offer courses in web development and can be completed in just about a year for most cases. 


Identifying the jobs that will survive Covid-19 is about identifying the current trends. Which jobs are surviving now and which are failing? The technology was disrupting the workforce before Covid-19 arrived and it will continue to do so long after the pandemic settles. Launch a career in a resilient field today that is centered in tech to ensure the longevity and success of your career.

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