How to Tie A Bandana headband in Different Styles – Updated

I remember the first time I wore a bandana, and my college friends were appreciating me. It was really the best moment for me because the bandana almost changed my look and style. 

How to Tie A Bandana headband in Different Styles - 2020 Updated

Styling your hair with a bandana can be the best way to style your hair, and it will give you a gorgeous look. But you need to follow the proper steps to wear a bandana headband. Just wearing a perfect outfit and heels are not enough to change your appearance. You need to change your hairstyle with a bandana.

There are many girls who don’t know how to tie a bandana in different styles. Bandana is not only meant for girls but for boys and children too. There are different types of hairstyles for girls, and with a bandana, you can give your hairstyle a unique look.

The bandanas are very trendy, and there is not a particular season to wear a bandana. You can wear a bandana throughout the year. The gorgeous look of bandana will add an extra spice to your look. 

How to Tie A Bandana in Different Styles – Updated

There are several ways to wear a bandana in different styles, and if you love to try various styles, then you must try all. 

Therefore, let’s not make you wait for any further, here are the ways to tie a bandana in different styles in 2020 that will hold your attention for a while,

  • The classic bandana style:

This is another style to tie a bandana. This is a very popular way to tie a bandana around your head. The classic style will hold your attention for a while. It will give you a more feminine look.

If you want a gorgeous look , then you must choose a perfect bandana to style your hair and change your look. A perfect bandana will reframe your style and uplift your personality in front of others.

No other look can match with this style. To tie this bandana, you need to make your hair smooth and silky. But make sure to tie bandana loosely; otherwise, it will hurt your ears. 

  • Wear it as a necklace:

If you want a funky style, then wear a bandana around your neck. Instead of tying around your head, tie it around your neck, and it will change your look, and enhance your appearance.

Wearing bandana as a necklace is very popular not only among girls and boys but among children too. To match bandana with your outfit, you can choose any color of your choice. 

However, you must have different collections of the bandana in your wardrobe so that you can choose it according to your outfit. I really love this style personally because it has a unique look. 

  • Wear it as a headband:

Bandana headband is very popular, and you must try it at least once in your lifetime. You can style this on any outfit of your choice. There is not a particular outfit on which this style will suit but on every outfit. 

Wearing bandana as a headband is a popular choice among teenagers. It will mostly suit western outfits such as short skirts, and you must try it. First, you need to make your hair smooth, and then you can try this bandana.

On the other hand, make sure that you don’t tie bandana tightly; otherwise, the bandana can make you feel uncomfortable throughout the wear.

  • Tie a bandana around the pony:

This is my favorite way of using a bandana, i.e., styling around the pony. The benefit of using bandana around the pony is that if you have thin hair, then no need to worry at all. The bandana will cover up your thin hair and highlight your appearance more in front of others.

Tie a bandana around the pony and make your hair look thicker. This is regarded as one of the most popular ways to style bandana in 2020, and you must try it while going to parties, discos, outings, beaches, etc.

  • Bandana around the hat:

Bandana around the hat is also very popular and trendy in 2020. To use a bandana as an easy makeover during summer days is to tie it around the hat. This style is very popular in foreign countries when people are spends their time near the beaches. 

If you tired of using a bandana around the neck or around the head, then you can try this new style, i.e., tying a bandana around the hat. This style is very popular during summer days. 

How to Choose a Perfect Bandana in 2020?

How to Choose a Perfect Bandana?

Choosing perfect bandana can be a difficult task. But no need to worry at all. We are going to help you to choose the perfect bandana.

If you are looking for a bandana to tie it as a hairband, then you must choose a long one. But which shape and size? No need to pick up a rectangle one, you can choose a bandana which is square in shape and size should be long as already discussed above. 

Never prefer short bandana because you can restrict your styles with short bandanas. I always prefer a long one. And keep in mind that before using a bandana, you need to make your hair smooth. 

The Final Thoughts

Here you go! These were the top ways to tie a bandana in different styles. Keep in mind all the different styles above, and then you can choose your desired one for the perfect occasions. 

If you want to change your look in 2020, then using bandana is a must. Just wearing a perfect outfit is not enough to change your look, you need a bandana. 

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