How to Declutter Before Your Move

For many people, moving to another apartment is stressful. You can organize a move without unnecessary nerves if you have a clear plan and the help of professionals Movers in Oakland who know how to make your move comfortable and in a short time. Where to start fundraising? With declutter! Let only essentials and personal items be present in the new home. Get rid of anything you don’t want to take in advance by selling, donating, or throwing it away.

How to Start Decluttering for a Move


It’s crucial to manage the decluttering phase of relocating to a new home because it may be a challenging task. Follow these steps to ensure everything proceeds as swiftly and easily as possible:

  1. Start Early. Don’t let the apartment become cluttered in the days leading up to your move; you probably won’t have time to clean it out and will just carry everything with you. In the turmoil, there’s a good risk you’ll toss away stuff you actually use. If you start the decluttering process early, you’ll know exactly how many things you have and what sort of vehicle you’ll need for the move.

  2. Have a strong decluttering plan. You definitely can’t do without a decluttering plan. Write down all the essentials that you need to do and what things you definitely need. Make a plan for the time it may take you to declutter a particular area.

  3. Stop adding new stuff to your home. When you have finally decided to move, stop adding new things to your house; otherwise, it will be even more difficult for you to organize the move and declutter your current place of residence. Moving is the period when you need to deal with the things you already have.

  4. Assess what you truly use. When choosing items for a new apartment, start with repetitive things. Do you really need 5 identical pans? Damaged, old furniture and appliances may be needed if it is not possible to immediately buy a new one. But if you have assessed your financial capabilities and decided to update the furniture, feel free to throw out worn chairs and an old kettle. This also applies to things that are not used at all. If you understand that you have not used this or that thing for a long time, why do you need it at a new place of residence?

  5. Keep it doing. Stick to this plan, don’t drop everything halfway, and you’ll be able to comfortably organize your move without extra stuff and unnecessary stress.

Decluttering for a Move: Room-by-Room Checklist


The easiest and fastest way to organize a move without nerves and unnecessary fuss is to contact North Hollywood movers, which deals with transportation. So, you do not have to travel several times from the old apartment to the new one or ask friends to help you. Before moving things, check all the things in your current apartment. Do not forget that things must be reviewed in the following rooms:

  • Kitchen. Seasonings and spices are a corner of the mess. We leave only what is really useful. Refrigerator — mustard, mom’s jam, and frozen berries in the freezer, which dream of becoming stewed for the second or even fifth year, should make room for new products.

  • Bathroom. Shampoos and shower gels that have remained at the bottom are clearly not worth taking to a new apartment. You should say goodbye to a lot of jars and bottles now because they won’t be useful to you for a while.

  • Living room. Books and magazines that you have recently read can be given to friends or to the library.

  • Bedroom. Old blankets and pillows, perhaps, even bedspreads that you regret and have been keeping for many years, are clearly not needed in your new place of residence.

  • Garage. A bunch of tools, boxes, and unnecessary things are always sent to the garage so as not to procrastinate your eyes. Therefore, the garage is an important place to deal with decluttering the unnecessary.

  • Closet. Everything ripped, worn out, mismatched, and unworn for more than a year is down in the box with the socks, tights, and underwear.

If you find it difficult to sort things out, you can call friends or professionals for help. They will be able to sort things out without unnecessary emotions.



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