How to delete Facebook account on the phone in 4 simple steps

Generally, we use Facebook on desktop, either when we are working or possibly doing any research work. Hence, it is like a fridge nowadays that we open to check if there is any useful or favorite thing kept inside. These days, using Facebook mobile is the most common thing, and now that is compatible with your phones as well, so it is easy to perform every possible action that we do on the desktop. So let us know and learn about how to delete Facebook account on the phone in 4 simple steps.

Now that you have made up your mind that you cannot continue with the FB account on your phone and would like to delete it for any reason that you may have, so let us begin to know the steps to delete a Facebook account from the phone.
1) Login to Facebook mobile and access your account from the app. Click on the 3 small vertical lines on the top right corner of the page, as seen in the below image to access Settings & Privacy and select Settings.
2) After that, scroll down and click on Account owner and Control under Your Facebook information on Facebook app as seen in the below image.

3) Once you click on Account ownership and control then you will see the option of Account deletion and Deactivation. Press the right arrow of the option Deactivation and deletion to see the next page.

4) If you have made up your mind clearly to delete your Facebook account, then choose the Delete account option. Enter your password, and your account will be successfully deleted from the Facebook server. You will receive an email too to notify that your account is no longer with FB

If you have made up your mind to delete it permanently, then delete it but if you wish to deactivate your account for some time and return then also, you can very well do it by selecting Deactivate account option. The choice is yours! So friends, hope you have successfully learned to delete your Facebook account page from the phone.

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