5 Strategies for Effective Influencer Marketing

Digital marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most effective forms of advertising today. Although traditional advertising such as outdoor marketing still works to this day, digital marketing brings a myriad of benefits entrepreneurs and marketers won’t find in out-of-home advertising. 

For one, digital marketing offers a more targeted approach through analytics and online marketing tactics. And one example of a digital marketing facet that is as effective as all the other online channels is influencer marketing. 

Influencer marketing is similar to the conventional style of promoting a product. Most companies would tap into celebrities so they help endorse their products or services. The only difference is that influencer marketing banks more on online presence. 

Influencer marketing means famous people can impact customers’ buying decisions due to their status, popularity, position, or knowledge in their niche. And in this article, we’ll tell you some simple strategies to whip up an influencer marketing strategy that sells. 

1. Choose like-minded influencers

Before you cherry-pick influencers, make sure that you choose the right one. An influencer who has the same brand values and principles than you will likely promote your product or service more genuinely. 

Moreover, when you select like-minded influencers that means their followers are also the target audience you’re looking for. When they promote your offers, their followers will be more interested, especially if you have a killer product or service. 

2. Look for the right channels

Any Social Media Advertising Agency will tell you how social networks are extremely effective channels for your influencer marketing tactic. That being said, don’t just select Facebook or Instagram because they are two of the biggest social media networks. But you must do a bit of research on where your target audience is lurking in social channels. Or else, you’ll end up paying the influencer but not getting the ROI you’ve anticipated because your audience isn’t hanging out in that social media network.

3. Establish a real relationship with influencers

Influencers are humans too. They also feel what a brand feels. They will be more inclined towards the brand if their values and principles are similar. Whether you’re choosing macro or micro-influencers, ensure that you foster your relationship with them. The more the influencers see that your brand is an excellent one, the more they’ll take you closer to their followers as well. 

4. Always align your goals with advertising

Before the influencers promote your product or service, it’s vital that you determine your goals first. By knowing what your goals are, you and the influencer can work towards reaching it by employing the right strategies. 

Determining your goals is also another way you can craft the perfect call to action to lead your audiences down the sales funnel. Here are some of the goals you might want to assess:

  • Website traffic
  • Product launch
  • Brand awareness
  • Sale generation
  • More followers
  • Customer retention

5. Track your results 

An excellent digital marketer knows how monitoring and analyzing the results can lead to better and smarter decisions moving forward. Check and analyze how each influencer is helping your bottom line. This way, you will know how to choose influencers for your new products or services in the future. 

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