12 Awesome E-Commerce Web Designs to Attract Your Customers

First impressions are important not just for people but also for businesses. The appearance of your physical store or website plays a vital role in attracting visitors that may convert to customers. 

Plus, for online stores, websites are more than just an address on the web. They represent your brand and values. So, if you plan it right, then you can create a lasting impression on your audience and build a customer base at first glance.

Thus, when launching an e-commerce business, it’s not only about the content that you provide, but how you deliver it that matters to your visitors. Meaning, web design is an essential factor that you need to consider. 

So, if you have a plan for an e-commerce platform, here are some awesome e-commerce web designs to inspire you:

12 Top E-Commerce Web Designs 

Top design trends include minimalism, ample use of whitespaces, bold typography, and more. So, here are some leading websites that feature the latest design trends:


One way to design your home page is to show off your products right off the bat. Mahabis displays its quality of catalog with a beautiful website that features minimal text and the smallest of details to tempt a buyer. 

With a one-line description of their product describing its level of comfort, they let the visual content speak for itself.


Poketo is an example of a website that leverages a palette of bold and pastel colors to showcase its product line. The homepage offers convenient and straightforward navigation with product options lined at the top. Plus, boxy patterns greet visitors when they scroll down further.

Dick Moby

If your product line includes sunglasses, then Dick Moby is an excellent example of e-commerce web design. Their site is filled with unique design elements, from fun patterns to squiggles, and more. 

Additionally, their quality product photos on shop pages speak volumes about the value of their products. It allows the items to stand out without the need for too many visual elements that may overwhelm the visitors.


Here’s an example of a web design that showcases the company instead of its catalog. Moreporks website talks about the quality and value of the company as a whole, alternative to displaying sale or promotional banners. 

It’s an added benefit that it works to enhance their overall website design as well. 


When you have exceptionally crafted products, then you can try designing a website like Helbak. Instead of vibrant backgrounds, bold colors, animations, and more, they let their catalog do the talking. 

Their web design centers around showcasing the beauty of the products and their sophisticated craftsmanship, with intelligent use of whitespaces and simple font styles.

Molly Jogger

Molly Jogger is another example of a web design that plays simplicity to its advantage. The website features no bold color schemes or an abundance of written content. Instead, it offers straightforward navigation for visitors, making products easy to browse and digest.


Here’s a web design that features lifestyle shots of the products, instead of an emphasis on bold typography or vibrant backgrounds, and colors. Rest sells wooden desk accessories, so it leverages their exquisite craftsmanship to entice a visitor.

The product pages feature visual content showcasing design details of the items and how wonderful they look separately or together. 

Additionally, the homepage also offers videos describing their products and the brand as a whole.

Rebecca Atwood Store

Creativity and engaging content are the secrets to its success; Rebecca Atwood Store ahs a website design that breaks conventional design standards. Instead of displaying multiple products, with various graphic elements or discount banners, it offers a straightforward layout. 

The overall website design has a human touch as it guides you to buy something, rather than merely thirsting after your credit card number.


Here’s another e-commerce website that sells eyewear. But the web design is vastly different from Dick Moby. It features high-quality images of models wearing glasses that might interest you, which helps understand what may suit you. 

Additionally, it displays an excellent use of whitespace with quality photos, showing how to leverage minimalism to your advantage.

Baron Fig

When you think graphics alone may not be sufficient in boosting your brand’s website, Baron Fig comes in to push away your worries. Its web design offers an abundance of creative graphics, quotations on the brand’s values, as well as quality product photos.

Every element on the web page, from typography to the colors, all help elevate its product catalog. 

Two Chimps Coffee

If you thought of adding animations to your webpage, here’s an example of a web design that leverages top-notch motion graphics without affecting load time. 

When you open the homepage, you’ll find exciting visuals take form right before your eyes. Unlike other web designs, it personifies creativity and innovation. 

Plus, while the motion graphics keep you entertained, the hamburger menu is visible on the side, patiently waiting to help you explore the website and its catalog.

New York Times Store

New York Times is one of America’s most preferred sources to get an update on the latest happenings in the country. Its e-commerce website features a contemporary design with minimalism and simplicity at its heart. 

With few images and limited content, it ensures straightforward navigation, less visual clutter, and more relevant information. 

Bring Your Web Design to Life with Professional Designers

Did you find inspiration yet? These are some of the best e-commerce web designs in 2020. 

The idea behind each design is to showcase the products or the brand, without compromising on aesthetics and navigation. It’s essential that visitors easily find the menu, product design pages, and other information on your website without hassle.  

That said, if you have a plan for an e-commerce website, get in touch with expert designers to start development. Designster, for one, has a team of developers and designers ready to help you bring your ideas to life.

So, are you ready to design your e-commerce website?

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