0123Putlockers And Proxy Servers

We will be reviewing 0123Putlockers And Proxy Servers in this post update. Do you want to download movies for free? Do you know how to do that? Well, many people are searching for ways to download and watch movies for free. Torrent sites are the most common sources from which people download movies, but some of the torrent sites contain non-copyright content. It is illegal to use those content, so people keep hunting for good torrent sites. 

0123Putlockers is one of those torrent sites from which people download movies. It was one of the most visited sites for downloading movies in the USA. The IP address of this site keeps changing to do piracy without getting caught. So, if you are downloading anything from them, then you must know a few things about torrenting, proxy servers, and how do they work? In this article, you will know about 0123 Putlockers, its proxy servers, and its best alternatives. 

Before starting anything, let us know a little about torrent sites and proxy servers. It will help you understand how everything works and how you can keep yourself safe from these sites while downloading movies. 

How Does a Torrent Site Work?

Do you know what a BitTorrent protocol is? Or Do you have an idea of peer to peer network? You may be wondering what these terms are and why you should know about these to download a movie. You will understand everything very soon; keep reading. 

BitTorrent protocol is just a peer to peer network, which allows you to transfer a large set of data in the form of torrent files through the internet. In this network, every user is a distributor of content, and everyone can share content for other users. This was started to help the members of the group without any charges. This is not an illegal thing; it is legal to share such data like movies, music, or any other form of data within the network. 

But sharing non-copyrighted content within the network such as a movie that was not released in the theatres. Or music that does not have the copyright to share in such a network is illegal. It is a form of piracy, and if you involve in such activities, you may get into trouble. You need to play a safe hand for using such sites. That’s where you will need a proxy server or a VPN service to protect yourself from such issues. Now let us understand what a proxy server is and how it can help you for safe torrenting. 

Proxy Server

Proxy server’s have various functionalities. By definition, it is an intermediary server that acts as a shield between the end-user and the website. It keeps your IP address private from the website and your internet service provider. When you search for something on the internet using a proxy server, your request is sent to the website through the proxy server, and the results are also shown to you from the proxy server. This allows you to access data from the sites by hiding your actual IP address from the main website. 

So while torrenting if a site is banned, you can still access the content of those sites by using a proxy server. This may sound awful and illegal to you, but this is how people download movies from these sites for free. In fact, it is piracy in some way or the other. So if you still want to download from such a site, make sure to keep your IP address safe by using a proxy server or a VPN. 

However, there are some legitimate sites that provide you with copyrighted files, but you have to pay the price. You can watch movies from sites like Amazon and Netflix by paying a subscription fee. Now let us know what some of the proxy servers of 0123Putlockers.

0123Putlocker Proxy Server List

Here are some of the proxy server list for 0123Putlockers. 

  • Type this to your URL bar: “https://,” then “www5”, then put a dot, then “putlockerr”, then put a dot, then “is/”
  • Type this to your URL bar: “https://”, then “www7”, then put a dot, then “putlockers”, then put a dot, then “net/”

If you are looking for 0123putlockers alternatives, then read on. 

0123Putlockers Alternatives

Here are some alternatives that you can use for the same purpose. 


This is founded in 2007, and it has gained popularity after 2016. When KickassTorrent was banned, it became the most visited torrent site for downloading movies. Today, millions of visitors are visiting this site, and it is listing thousands of games, movies, and some software applications. Additionally, the site is user friendly and has a clean interface. It is the best 0123Putlockers alternative for downloading anything.


Another putlocker alternative is FMovies. This is very convenient to use for downloading only movies without any interruption. If you are especially searching putlocker alternative for movies, then this will be the best option. 


This is also similar to 13377x, which offers you different files, such as movies and other torrent files. So, you can use this site too as an alternative to 0123Putlockers.

To Sum Up

Hopefully, you got some insight into how 0123Putlockers or any torrent site works. And you also have found the information on proxy servers and its function. So, whenever you want to download movies from a torrent site, then be careful and take the necessary steps to keep yourself from any trouble. More importantly, always use a good antivirus program on your computer to prevent your computer from any form of virus or malware attack. Share your views on this in the comments below. 

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