The Use of Facebook In English Language – Essay

Facebook is a networking site, which connects people all over the globe, turning the universe to a global village. This social platform giant was launched by Mark Zuckerberg and friends. The site mainly aims at connecting people or helps them socialize and make profits out of advertising. This piece mainly tries to tell what Facebook is all about, and concentrates on how it can be used for educational purpose. It also highlights a few of the security challenges faced by the users of this social network. This article tells about the student-teacher interaction, student council on Facebook, and how it will be useful to their education above and beyond portraying results of a Facebook opinion poll, which can reveal and justify the making of this study. The users of this network have to create an account using a valid Gmail/email ID. The users have a separate status/profile, which carries some confidential data about the owner of the account. Users can edit the profile, pictures, post on their timeline/wall (a timeline or wall is a private space made available by this networking platform. It is more or less a personal notice board, where users can write, comment, add pictures, videos among others), send messages (the message box is more like the Gmail/Email and is a secure communication link).
Users are also allowed on this social network to customize the privacy settings for their profiles and status where the content of their profiles will be viewed only by their friends or selected, customized few. Any legitimate and registered users can search for and add any other member as a friend, provided the other user accepts his/her ‘request’ users can also categorize their friends as close friends, family, etc., to keep their close ones’ activities.
Also, users are allowed to create or join groups of their interest and choice. This social platform also provides notifications where users are reminded of various important events, happening, meetings, dates, etc. This Link also notifies users if they have been tagged on someone else’s profile. Facebook provides the chart, clock, and calendar application s. These social network has shown a new grandstand not only for mere communication but for learning and teaching; With the help of breakthrough technology, Facebook is supported in mobile, tabs, and computers.
These indeed have made Facebook a teaching avenue where we can share materials, have a discussion, conduct contests and assessments, and above all, it requires no pre-training to start with. This networking giant is the second world’s most used website and has online traffic of about nine hundred million across the globe. This website is not only a platform for networking but is also useful in improving education, making news more accessible, advertising, and promoting business, among others. And because of the various applications provided by Facebook, it has almost become ever-present.
A lot of teachers today feel that since the usage of Facebook is very familiar with students across the world, it may prove to avail an upper hand in their education if used properly, teachers and students may become Facebook friends. That way, teachers may know a lot about their students personally. The student-teacher interaction, which may not be feasible in the classroom, maybe made possible online. An online forum or platform may be created on Facebook, where students can counsel among themselves. Such groups may be very interactive and useful for students to do group activities and combined studies. A new innovative idea of any student may be shared among their fellow any time and discussed. Discussion about any topic on their subject or any assignment may be done online, and students may get good participation from other fellow students.
Critics, however, say that students and teachers shouldn’t be ‘friends’ on Facebook because it changes the entire relationship between the teacher and the taught.
A few people also say that teachers or students may misuse or take advantage of this online friendship. There is always privacy on Facebook. With the increasing use of pseudo-identity by unlawful persons, there is even more of a security threat on Facebook. But, according to a study conducted on students, they did not face any real-time security challenges (e.g., being stalked by strangers either online or in the real world) because of Facebook.
 As well, we all know, there are two sides to a coin, to an untold story, and to every other thing on earth. Everything has its pros and cons. Hence, Facebook, if used properly, can be made a powerful educational tool. But, the students who spent more than six hours on Facebook were found to have lost interest in studies, and eventually, the GPA where less.
In conclusion, this piece is all about for fronting the emerging phases of Facebook with special attention to education and academics purposes. Therefore, this article set off a sustainable and theoretical probe on academic activities on Facebook.
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