Shopify Merchant; and how to Connect Shopify Store to Facebook Marketplace

Shopify Merchant; and how to Connect Shopify Store to Facebook Marketplace – You may already have a Shopify shop up and running and are looking for methods to expand your brand’s reach via multi-channel selling and social media platforms. Meanwhile, consider relocating your Shopify shop to the center of the larger picture. Increase the size of the audience and the visibility of the Shopify Sell On Facebook Marketplace, all without any additional expenditures or marketing. “You can’t pay for clients to come to you. Facebook Marketplace allows brands and businesses to meet their consumers where they are right now. Furthermore, Marketplace is a venue for surfacing your products in front of a targeted audience, allowing you to increase your brand’s visibility by changing social commerce.

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Why should Shopify merchants extend their shops to Facebook Marketplace?

People are now living in an age where shopping online has become a necessity. As a consequence, merchants are looking for an alternative that promotes their business. Facebook has made many developments in all these years as a shop and Marketplace for SMBs and brands to expand their product scope and boost their visibility in the right audience.

You can display your Shopify products on Facebook Marketplace with Shopify Connector without much trouble and quickly sell among the connections already made on Facebook. Also, it allows you to leverage Facebook checkout, quick account setup, smooth onboarding, safe communication, robust order management software, and help you in and out with seller services.

Facebook Shops for business

Facebook recently launched Facebook Shops, making it easier for you to list and maintain your items’ inventories. People can navigate to your store now and purchase items.

Your Shop helps you to customize your product inventory, interact via messenger with customers, display customer feedback and ratings, and help view insights on your Facebook listings.

Order management tools

Facebook Marketplace gives you the additional facility to boost your selling experience with order management tools. If you sell to Facebook listing partners on the Marketplace, you can utilize order management software’s versatility. Some of the instruments offered are:

  • Onsite Checkout: Without leaving the App, you can buy items from the Facebook Marketplace.
  • Sales tax management: You can calculate the sales tax on your product category and through Facebook tools. The customers’ delivery addresses.
  • Regular updates: Shoppers get notified at regular intervals, making it easy for them to track their orders.

A personalized shopping experience

By monitoring the customer’s behavior, Facebook Marketplace lets clients connect to the product of their choosing. It provides the customers with exact results by displaying relevant content based on variables such as items of interest and clicks.

Low selling fees

On Facebook Marketplace, as setting up your Shop on Facebook is free of cost and needs no selling fees, you can sell at a minimum price. Therefore, it offers you the ability to list unlimited stocks on the website. You’re supposed to pay a processing fee of 5% for a product of more than $8 if you make a sale or $0.40 for the transaction for goods under $8. (There is no commission charge currently).

Facebook Marketplace offers you a variety of opportunities.

The Facebook Marketplace link opens the door for you to sell through different sites, such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Shops. Via Live Sessions, Stories, or Advertisements, you can now explore your company and increase your product reach.

Using Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram Direct, and live chat interaction, the Facebook network also helps clients communicate with you. Thus, it produces a good shopping experience and allows shoppers to shop seamlessly.

How to connect your Shopify store to Facebook Marketplace?

By setting up your Shop via Facebook or with listing partners, you can sell on the Facebook Marketplace. Sell on other platforms that are not yet partnered with Facebook. You can get your products listed on behalf of media such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and others through Marketplace connectors onboard.

Setting up a Shop with Facebook

By building your store with the Commerce Manager’s aid, you will experience fast selling on the Facebook Marketplace. Building a Facebook Shop-

  • You must have a Facebook Business Account.
  • Create a Facebook Page using your business name.
  • To set up a Checkout store, create an account with the Commerce Manager.
  • Follow Facebook Merchant’s terms and conditions.
  • Select Shop Tab on your Facebook page.
  • To establish a store to your Facebook Page and add your goods, follow the steps.
  • You can add products manually or with the help of CSV files.
  • As soon as you add effects, your Shop will automatically be verified.

Link via Marketplace Connector to your Shopify products on Facebook Marketplace

Working with Facebook Marketplace Connectors such as CedCommerce, Feedonomics, etc., will save time and use commercial resources to get Marketplace products. Helping the brands to expand on multiple platforms.

Checkout on Facebook is supported by the Facebook Marketplace Connector and helps you streamline marketplace product listings, real-time inventory synchronization, and order management. To list your Shopify products to Facebook Marketplace.

  • Download the Marketplace Connector from the Shopify App Store.
  • After installing the App, connect the App with your Facebook account.
  • Choose the Facebook Page on which you wish to set up your Shop.
  • Configure Commerce Manager on your Facebook Shop.
  • Set up Default Mapping and import your products on the App.
  • Upload products in bulk or create profiles to showcase the products on Facebook Marketplace.
  • After all the products appear on the Shop, you are ready to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Perks of selling with Marketplace Connectors

Marketplace connectors help you establish your business on Facebook Marketplace, reduce your workload, and provide hassle-free selling on Facebook. It helps you-

  • Manage your orders from the Marketplace using Shopify on a centralized dashboard.
  • Bulk With a single click, you can upload your Shopify product listings to Facebook Marketplace.
  • Keep your Shop up to date with the latest orders and sales by synchronizing your inventory across both platforms.
  • Assist and assist in obtaining Marketplace approvals, resolving problems, and simplifying Facebook support.

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