How to Check UBA Account Balance Using USSD Code and Mobile App

How to Check UBA Account Balance Using USSD Code and Mobile App – In today’s mobile banking tutorial, we’ll teach you how to check your UBA Bank account balance on your phone using a USSD code, SMS, or the mobile banking app. UBA Bank Nigeria offers unrestricted digital banking services in Nigeria.

We’ll teach you how to check your UBA account balance with the USSD pin code. There are a few different methods to check the balance of your UBA Bank account in Nigeria, so read this article to learn about all of them.

There are several benefits to using the UBA account balance USSD checking code to verify your account status. If you are close to run out of cash or are near the UBA Bank minimum amount, it will notify you. You won’t have to go to the bank to receive a real-time UBA balance inquiry if you check your status on your phone.

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Check UBA Bank Account Balance Using USSD Code or PIN

The USSD code to call if you wish to check your account balance is *919#. *919*00# is the precise code to check your phone’s balance. Dial the USSD code on your phone and follow the directions on the screen to retrieve your bank account’s current balance.

Most importantly, enter your PIN before your balance is revealed. That’s all you have to do to verify your balance using the UBA transfer code. If the following code does not work for you, dial *919# and follows the on-screen instructions to register for the mobile banking USSD code.

Checking UBA Bank Account Balance On The Mobile App

You should be able to apply the above-mentioned USSD code approach for UBA Bank in most circumstances. You may also use the UBA Mobile App to check your balance. Download the UBA mobile app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

After installing the app, you must log in using your UBA Bank account information. If you haven’t previously done so, you’ll need to do so before checking your balance on the mobile app.

Does The UBA USSD Code Work On Airtel, MTN, 9mobile, and Glo?

Yes, indeed. You can check your bank statement or balance on any of the mobile networks, such as MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile, using the phone number registered with them. Most Nigerian networks accept the mobile banking transfer code.

How To Check Your Bank Account Balance Online In Nigeria

You may quickly check your account balance online using the UBA internet banking service. By connecting to the UBA online banking interface, you may check your balance on your dashboard. Make sure your phone or laptop has an active internet connection before you start the UBA online banking interface.

UBA Bank Nigeria Balance Via SMS

If you utilize the mobile banking USSD code, you will get an SMS with your balance. This is how you may check the status of your UBA Bank Nigeria SMS account. That’s all there is to it when it comes to checking your UBA Bank account balance on your phone using the USSD code, SMS, mobile banking app, or the internet banking website.

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