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I have forgotten my password a couple of times and have encountered Facebook login problem a couple of times while trying to login. If you have experienced this same problem as I did, you can rest assured that there’s someone who’s been there too and is willing to help you.

Facebook Login Problem

The Facebook login procedure is quite a straightforward one, but from time to time, you may experience issues while trying to access your account. Now a lot of reasons might account for your inability to access your account when you want to.

Even a simple mistake can result in your inability to log in and access your account if you are facing difficulties in logging into your Facebook account. I will be outlining common problems that may be responsible for this, and how you can solve them easily without stress.

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Getting Help With Facebook Support – Facebook Login Problem

With its teaming users on the Facebook platform, Facebook knows that everyday people are bound to run into problems with one thing or the other; that is why Facebook offers lots of help to users. Facebook does this by providing a comprehensive Help Center with detailed advice and tips, which users who are experiencing Facebook login problems or other issues can get help from.

Facebook Help Center breaks down all the problems into categories so users can easily scroll through and find their area of need. Users can use the search bar at the top of the page to find the solution they need.

Another page Facebook users can use to get a solution to their Facebook account login issues, is the ‘Known Issues Page.’

In case you are still experiencing login problems and have examined all the possible causes, then you can use the Facebook Help Community Forum’ where you can post your issue and get feedback from other users and members of the Facebook Help Team.

If you are experiencing a login problem and you are sure it is not a temporary issue that is already being addressed, you can use our list of possible problems, solutions, and hints, to have your problems solved.

Facebook Login Problem And How To Solve them

So this is why you may be encountering Facebook login problem:

If you Enter a Wrong Information

If you, by any chance, enter a wrong email address or password, it will cause you a login failure. This may be a spelling mistake or a typo error, which means the system will fail to recognize you.


To remedy this situation, just retype this information to check if the problem is connected to the information or something else. You should also try manually retyping in your login and password information if you are using the cut-and-paste function. Now this will ensure that the information is correctly keyed in. Make sure your login information is case sensitive, thus you have to check that the caps lock key on the keyboard is not enabled.


Try using the ‘Remember Me’ button on Facebook to store your information if your computer is private. This will log you in anytime you want to access your account. However, it is advised that you do not try this on a public computer to avoid your account being hacked.

If you Forget your Facebook Login Email Address or Password

Before you can log into your Facebook account, you will have to provide your email address and password. If you don’t have both of them, it will be impossible to log into the system without one or both of these details, because Facebook will not recognize you.

How to Solve It

If you have forgotten your Facebook login email address or password, you can seek help from the Facebook Help pages that can give you a guide on how to get back your information. Now, it is advised that you periodically change your Facebook password to protect your account. You can also engage Facebook’s help in recovering your account by logging into the Facebook page and clicking on the “I Forgot My Account’ option on the next page to regain your account.


In case you are expecting an email from Facebook, check your spam filter and junk mail folder in case the message gets delivered there rather than in your main inbox.

If you Enter an Invalid Email Address

If you enter a generic email account, you will be disallowed by Facebook. Generic email addresses and some business addresses can be viewed by the system as spam. If this happens, the system will block your entry, and you will not be able to register for an account.

How to Solve It

Ensure you are using an acceptable email address. Facebook advises it’s users to use a personal email address whenever it is possible.


If you discover that your real email is genetic, open a new Gmail or Yahoo email account to use for your Facebook registration.

If Facebook Login Page is Not Refreshing

Another common problem you may encounter is that the login page is not loading or refreshing properly. This may be as a result of cookies not being activated on your computer.

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How to Solve It

Each browser is programmed with different instructions on how to set cookies. Here are some of the instructions for some of the more popular web browsers that are provided via the following links:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (Apple)


You may have to clear to your browser cache. A ‘Cache’ is something created by your browser, where it holds the data from pages that you have visited. This will enable pages to load faster. On the other hand, it can also mean if there were changes to a page since you visited it, your browser may display the old version rather than the most recent one. For most browsers, you can clear the cache by visiting the Settings or Tools button.

If you Registered Facebook Account With a Phone Number

If you registered your Facebook account on your cell phone and are unable to log in and access your Facebook account from your computer, you may experience issues while trying to login.

How to Solve It

To solve this problem, you can use your cell phone number instead of an email address to log in. Once you are able to access your account, you can change your login information to whatever you like.


You can try connecting your Facebook account with both an email address and a phone number. This will help you in recovering your Facebook account if it gets compromised or if you forget your login details.

With these outlined login issues, you should be able to find a solution to your Facebook login problem.

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