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Do you actually feel that the time you spend is too much on Facebook or feel bothered by somebody? Then Delete the App. Actually there some times you would wish to delete the Facebook app from your phone may be to free space or probably for reasons you know. And then again, you get some pretty cool questions going through your mind. But that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Delete Facebook App

Delete Facebook App simple means uninstalling or deleting the Facebook app from your smartphone. Well before deciding to uninstall the app, make sure you’ve thoroughly thought about it. As there, lots of people will be asking some questions which I will be answering here on this guide. All you need to do is to pay attention and read on to find out more before going ahead to delete Facebook App.

Will Deleting The Facebook App Delete Your Account?

Well, the answer is No. Deleting or uninstalling the Facebook app doesn’t mean your Facebook account will be deleted also. Actually deleting the Facebook app from your smart device simply means getting out of your phone. You can make use of the website to log in if you feel like it.           Your account is absolutely safe.

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Will My Facebook Profile be Seen By Others?

The answer is yes. Deleting the app from your iOS or Android doesn’t remove your profile from the platform. It only removes the application from your device. That is to say, users can still view your profile and see the posts you made there. Messages can still be sent to you and also friend requests can still come to the account.

Can I Still be Tagged?

Yes of course. Because the Facebook profile is still technically active, so friends can still tag you on posts. Deleting the application form your device doesn’t take the account away from the platform, so yes your friends ca still tag or mention your posts or comments.

What Will Happen to my old Posts?

Nothing will happen to them. They will still be visible on your profile. As they are saved to your cloud storage, not on your mobile. All the posts you’ve made on the account would still be there waiting for you and you would still be getting reactions on the posts.

How About Likes and Comments?

The old likes and comments you have on posts will still stay and users can still interact with you via comments and likes.

Will my Pages and Groups be Deleted?

Big No. Your pages and groups will still be there. Facebook will never delete your page or group. Actually the group and pages would all be intact because you’re only deleting the application from your phone to free up space and not your account.

My other Apps that use Facebook, can I still access or login to them?

Yes of course. The fact is you deleted the app from your mobile phone because of some reasons and not the account So you can actually login to the other apps that are using Facebook. Apps like Candy Crush, etc.

Will your Facebook Friend List Be Lost?

You don’t need to worry about losing your friend list, as the friend will still be visible. It is the app you’re uninstalling not your account that you’re deleting.

Will People still be Able to send Me friend Requests?

Yes, people will still be able to send you a friend request. You will still appear in search results.

Will I still Receive Facebook Notifications?

If you delete the Facebook app, you won’t be bothered by notifications from Facebook as the app is no longer on your device.

Can I still use the Messenger app?

Yes, you can. The messenger app is a separate app on its own, that is to say, it works perfectly without your Facebook account. You can still the Messenger app only if you don’t delete it along with the Facebook app.

If you feel you need some space from the platform, deleting the account is not always a good option unless you no longer want to use Facebook. To give Facebook a break, the best way is to delete the app from your device. Deleting the Facebook app is very simple and doesn’t charge anything.

How Do I Delete Facebook App?

Uninstalling or deleting the application from your smartphone is very easy and fast. Also by deleting the app, you get to free up some space on the device. Here’s how you can delete the Facebook App from your iOS or Android phone;

Android Phone;

  • Open your Android device settings then open the Application Manager.
  • Tap on Facebook.
  • Then tap Uninstall.


  • From the applications menu.
  • Press and hold on the Facebook app icon.
  • Then tap on the x that will appear.
  • To confirm, tap on “Delete”.

Facebook will be deleted from your iOS or Android device immediately. If you wish to get it again, use the App Store on your device to download or install.

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