Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Internet and How to Fix

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Internet and How to Fix: We spend all our time checking out Wi-Fi equipment at HighSpeedInternet.com and learning ways to make internet connections more efficient. But we know that sometimes all you need to do is switch your router to a different place in your house where the signal can travel better if your Internet isn’t working well.

But you could be better off upgrading to a better internet service or switching providers in other situations. And we have come up with a handy tool to help you navigate your way around this wild world of Wi-Fi. To see all the internet options available where you live, type in your zip code below. You can swipe around from there and pick out what is right for you.


Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Internet

In certain parts of the building, your connection drops out.

A Wi-Fi signal can only be carried so far, and often there can be areas where it drops out entirely depending on the size and configuration of your house. It might be a random corner alcove, your back porch, or the place where your desk happens to be in your home office.

How do you fix that?

Get a wireless device with a long-range router or mesh. A versatile and far-reaching Wi-Fi signal can provide you with both of these types of routers. We agree that the Wi-Fi Google Nest works better because it allows you to set up as many as five Wi-Fi connection points in your home to ensure that every nook and cranny can be protected.

You can try shifting your router to a more centralized location in your home, away from walls, furniture, and other obstructions for a lower-budget repair.

You get a weak video chat link.

To ensure a definite link, apps such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime rely heavily on your Internet’s upload speed, but most internet plans give you much slower upload speeds compared to download speeds. Your upload speed could be a tenth of your download speed on cable and DSL plans, contributing to possible delays and buffering while you’re on a video call. You can have to close out other applications just for you to make the call work if your pace is plodding.

How do you fix that?

Get internet fiber. Compared to other link types, the fiber internet operates over ultra-high-speed light signals from fiber optic cabling, making it possible to deliver even higher upload rates. Most fiber suppliers will provide you with “symmetrical” speeds, which means your uploads will be as fast as your downloads.

Check with our zip check tool if fiber is accessible in your city. You can also call the internet provider to request a quicker internet plan if it is not, which can boost your upload speeds.

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For using too much info, you get recurring fees. 

There’s a fair chance that a data cap will come with your monthly internet plan, which restricts how much Internet you will consume.

These caps are very typical, but some providers of the Internet are more generous than others. There are also satellite internet and low-cost cable internet plans with strict data caps for all providers that provide unlimited data or warm 1 TB or 1.25 TB blocks every month.

How do you fix that?

Get a contract for unlimited storage. If you use too much data to rack up fees, consider springing for a package that won’t cut you off just because you spent the weekend binge-watching The Office again.

Many fiber internet contracts do not place limits on data use, and on top of your standard bill, cable companies also provide unlimited data for an extra cost. To see can internet providers have unlimited storage, take a look at our guide to data limits.

On your block, you just got fiber internet.

The Internet with fiber is the best, most secure internet link you can get. About the catch? According to the Federal Communications Commission, a thread is also the least popular Internet form that you can find, accessible to just 41 percent of the US population. But fiber is the way to go for heavy usage of the Internet and large households if it’s available.

How do you fix that?

Treat yourself to a plan of fiber. It’s not exactly an existential problem not to have a thread because you can still get decent results from cable or even some DSL connections. But keep an eye out if a construction team is turning up to lay down fiber-optic cabling on your block.

By running a search with our zip code tool above, you can see if fiber is presently accessible in your town.

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