Reasons why your Internet Speed is Slow and How to Increase it

Reasons why your Internet Speed is Slow and How to Increase it: Who’s not flustered by the slow pace on the Internet? Here is a list of hacks on your Android smartphone that will help you increase the Internet’s speed.

Reasons why your Internet Speed is Slow

Your speed could affect the router and modem

Your router and modem are one of the first things to search if you are experiencing slow Internet speeds. You may want to try restarting your router and modem if you experience drastic drops in rate or problems connecting. As a way to refresh your computer, restarting your modem works. When you have performance issues, it’s close to restarting your machine or phone. The restarting process lets the modem clear memory and resets the tasks it performed. When they have a lot of devices sending requests to them, some modems often appear to fail. Many problems can be overcome by attempting a quick restart.

Also, you may want to have your modem checked out if you are experiencing disconnections. The modem provided to you by your provider is good, but it’s not exactly the best product on the market. Upgrading your modem will sometimes significantly allow you to experience Internet speeds that are quicker and more reliable.

Your hardware makes the Internet slow down.

Currently, some older computers don’t accept high-speed Internet. You may have a brand-new flagship phone that supports Wi-Fi high-speed, but remember that an older handset appears to buffer or lose signal. The latest antennas and sensors that enable fast broadband and Wi-Fi access at greater distances are available for new devices. We’re not saying you should go out and update all your computers, but this is undoubtedly one potential explanation why you have low internet speeds.

Look Out for Background Bandwidth Utilization Programs

Without you even knowing it, background processes and applications will hog up your bandwidth. Downloading history from auto-updating processes will affect your internet speed as well as your device’s efficiency. What you can do is disable the bandwidth that is being used or restrict it. For instance, you can set a bandwidth limit if you synchronize large files through Dropbox so that your daily internet use is not disrupted, but you will still have your files updated in the background. Another option is to stop auto-updates at a time that suits you best and download updates.

With Your Line, there may be a problem.

Are you upgraded to fiber recently? You need a technician to come in and connect your property to the fiber line to get access to high-speed fiber. This method is relatively straightforward for most stuff, but you might want to have your line tested by a technician if you have post-installment problems.

Assess the Internet Service Provider

Finally, the internet service provider might very well be one factor impacting your internet speeds (ISP). You should probably contact your company if you are experiencing slow Internet when you should have ultra-fast speeds. They will also have simple fixes such as restarting your modem and testing equipment, but they can send a technician down to check for any issues if none of those work. Due to factors like the physical infrastructure in place, the output of ISPs may also rely on your venue.

How to Increase your Internet Speed

Close apps with backgrounds

Have you ever wondered where all of your mobile data goes, even though you don’t use apps all that much? Your real enemy is background software. If you have ten applications running in the background, your network’s bandwidth is distributed around these ten applications, reducing your data speed. To ensure an optimized internet speed, when you’re not actively using them, close all applications.

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Using applications for data-management

Fluctuating internet speeds can be a big problem when you’re driving or commuting. Start using data management software to maintain a steady internet pace, like our data-savings app. For example, this app will compress up to 50 percent of your data while using Instagram and cut the loading time by half. Opera Max compresses up to 60 percent when watching music or videos on apps such as Gaana, Saavn, YouTube, or Netflix, leading to faster streaming.

Delete unused applications

After the first week of download, do you still have those old applications you started using? By consuming RAM and storage space, unused applications often slow down your smartphone. The output of other applications and your smartphone overall can be slowed down by these new apps, contributing to patchy internet speed when browsing. To make it run faster, uninstall all unused applications from your Android smartphone.

Keep advertisements at bay.

When browsing, advertisements often pop up and slow your internet speed down, ruining the entire browsing experience. Usually, when viewing a website, ads you view use more data than the actual web page. You will block advertisements for a smoother, quicker browsing experience with our ad-blocking web browser.

Choose mobile data over Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have a 3G or 4G high-speed service, then head to the nearest hotspot for Wi-Fi. This will give you higher internet speeds. Here are some more tricks to make the most of public Wi-Fi if you somehow end up struggling with sluggish Wi-Fi because more people are using it simultaneously. So, which of these tips are you already using to maximize your pace on the Internet? Please share your thoughts and ideas with us to help more people do more with their connection to the Internet!

You’ll pay for 100 Mbps of Internet occasionally, but you’ll get speed results of 50 Mbps or worse.

The Internet is interconnected with all of our everyday activities. So, one of the most unpleasant experiences we face is getting a sluggish internet for many of us. We look at five reasons why your internet speed is so slow in this blog post and how to address these problems.


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