Netflix Student Discount | How to Get a Netflix Student Discount

Netflix Student Discount | How to Get a Netflix Student Discount – Netflix isn’t the only streaming service available, but it is one of the most common. It has a wide catalog of TV shows and movies, including many new originals and old classics, but no student discounts are eligible. If you’re a student struggling to make ends meet, there’s no Netflix student discount to help you out.

Students with a small budget for entertainment do, however, have a few choices. Netflix no longer offers a free trial period, but there is a range of excellent options with student discounts, as well as some free TV and movie streaming sites that will help you save even more money.

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Alternatives to Netflix with Student Discounts

There is no direct substitute for Netflix since it generates too much original material. Netflix originals aren’t available anywhere else. Netflix has since acquired the rights to stream a variety of widely popular television shows and films that it did not produce, although this is continuously evolving.

If you don’t want to wait for a Netflix exclusive, there are several other streaming services that offer student discounts.

These sites, including Netflix, have exclusive shows and videos, and they all compete to have the best range. Here are the best Netflix alternatives with student discounts:

  • Amazon Prime Student: The student package includes all of Amazon Prime’s daily benefits at a substantial discount. You’ll get music, free delivery, and more in addition to streaming TV shows and movies.
  • YouTube Premium: This service eliminates YouTube ads and allows you access to YouTube Premium shows and movies, as well as YouTube Songs.
  • Hulu and Spotify Bundle: Hulu doesn’t have a student discount, but you can get Hulu for free if you sign up for the Spotify student discount.
  • CBS All Access: This is the standard CBS streaming package that students can get at a discount.

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What is the Amazon Prime Student Discount, and how does it work?

Amazon Prime contains Amazon Prime Clips. This service began as a subscription program with the sole benefit of free two-day delivery, but it has since evolved to provide much more.

You get free access to Hulu and Showtime when you sign up for the Spotify student discount. The Hulu subscription is an ad-supported service with no option to upgrade for a premium. The combined cost of all three services is about half of what Hulu alone would cost.

Spotify uses SheerID to validate student registration, so you won’t have to do it again if you’ve already done it for another discount.

What is the Student Discount on YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription service that eliminates commercials from standard YouTube videos, offers access to original shows and movies, and includes the YouTube Music service. You can choose between a family plan discount and a college discount when you sign up.

The YouTube Premium student discount saves you about 60% off the regular price and includes all that a normal subscription includes. Since it needs annual verification, you’ll have to cancel or move to a daily subscription if you graduate or leave school.

YouTube uses SheerID to verify registration, so if you’ve used SheerID before, signing up is easy.

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