How to Take Snapchat Screenshots | Take Screenshots with Snapchat


Would you like to know how to grab a Snapchat screenshot? It’s simpler than you would expect, but you’ll want to keep reading to find out what the ramifications are before you even try.

Snapchat enables users to chat back and forth with images and videos that vanish after they have been opened and viewed, for those who are not familiar with the popular instant messaging app. Photos and videos can also be shared by users as stories that can be watched for 24 hours.

You can successfully save a picture message by taking a screenshot before the 3 to 10 seconds of viewing are up, if you are quick to respond. It’s innocent, it seems, but it can get nasty.

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Here’s how users take screenshots and some of the associated problems and patterns that have arisen due to it.
Taking a screenshot of Snapchat is nothing different from taking a screenshot of something else. Click two of the buttons on most phones.

Press the home button and the on/off button simultaneously while viewing a Snapchat picture.

This can vary depending on what type of Android device you have, but in general, by pressing the volume button on one side down at the same time as pressing the on/off button while viewing a Snapchat image, you should be able to capture a screenshot.

  • If you hear the flash go off and/or if you see the flash on your phone, you’ll know a screenshot has been taken.
  • Usually, the screenshot is automatically transferred to your camera roll or another media folder.
  • So, if you open a friend’s message and decide to take a screenshot, the friend will be sent an automated message notifying them that you’ve taken a screenshot of their message.
  • Similarly, if you give someone a snap and they want to take a screenshot, you will get a notification letting you know about it.

Can you take a screenshot of Snapchat without being notified?
Many individuals have found hacks in the past to get around the notification feature of the screenshot, but as Snapchat constantly changes the app to make it better, hacks that once worked might not work with current or future versions of the Snapchat app. That is just the way it’s going.

Previously, Tech Advisor had a successful approach that involved completely loading the received snap (without opening it yet) and then placing your computer to display and screenshot the app in airplane mode. Sadly, this no longer acts as a solution for the notification of the screenshot, so the only real choice you really have is to use another system to catch the snap.

Staying on Snapchat Safe
The notification of the screenshot is a useful feature intended to protect the privacy of users, but it does not guarantee that people will not try to save your snapshots. Whether or not you get a notification, bear in mind that something you send over the internet to anyone can be saved and accessed again unknowingly, even via Snapchat.

Snapchat is well known for being used to submit suggestive pictures and videos or ‘sext’. It’s easy to believe that it’s not a big deal because, after a few seconds, they will be deleted and gone forever, but the reality is that it’s just as risky as any other form of sexting.

You can quickly search for “Snapchat screenshots” on any image network to see evidence of it, such as Google Photos, Tumblr, or anywhere else. A simple search would show that many people save screenshots of Snapchat and share them online elsewhere.

When using Snapchat, stay smart. Unless you are prepared to face the repercussions, don’t send nudes, inappropriate photos/videos, or other private messages. Parents, whether they have a smartphone or have friends who use Snapchat, talk about this with your child or teen.

Just because something is deleted online doesn’t indicate that it’s gone for good.

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