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How to Save Snapchat Videos | Save Snapchat Videos in 2021

This article discusses how to save videos from Snapchat, which normally vanish a few seconds after watching them. Information includes how to save your own videos from Snapchat, how to save a video you have shared as a story and other ways to save videos from other users.

Save Your Snapchat Videos 

If saving your own videos is all you want to do, then the solution is simple. Before uploading it, you do it the same way you save a picture.

  • By holding the big clear button for as long as you want, record your video. It will be shown as one long video split into several snaps. Then press the arrow down button in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  • When a saved message appears, you will know that your video has been saved successfully.
  • Check your Memories to find the video you saved by pressing the Memories icon (which looks like two cards) below the huge transparent snap/record button to find your saved video there.
  • Tap it to watch the video, or tap the checkmark icon in the upper-right corner to pick the video, then tap the save/export icon in the menu at the bottom to save the video to your screen.

Simple enough, huh? Before you give it to your mates, all you have to do is remember to press the save button.

How to Save a Posted Video as a Story

There’s no way to get it back on your computer if you have forgotten to save your video before submitting it. If you have posted it as a story, though, there is a way to save it. Tap the three gray vertical dots appearing to the right of My Story from your Stories tab. To save it to your device, tap a snap video (if you have several stories posted) and then tap the down arrow next to it.

Save Videos of Other Apps

It’s a little more difficult if you want to save Snapchat videos from other users who either send videos to you or share videos as stories.

The absence of a built-in function to save Snapchat images and videos from other users has to do with ensuring that everyone gets the protection they deserve. The app notifies the sender if you take a screenshot of someone else’s picture snap that was sent to you.

Even, there are many ways to catch the videos of other users, some of which might work for you. In order to find out for yourself, you will have to do some experimentation.

Using the Screen Recording Feature built-in

You can take advantage of the built-in screen recording function to save Snapchat videos if you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or later, but be warned! If you do this, any videos from friends that you record on Snapchat cause you to send a message to those friends that their videos were captured (similar to the screenshot notification for photos).

You can allow this function by going to;

  • Settings
  • Control Center
  • Customize Controls
  • Tapping the green plus sign icon next to Screen Recording if you have no problem with your friends being informed that you have recorded their videos.

Now, when you swipe up to reach the control center from the bottom of the computer, you’ll see a new record button. Before you play Snapchat images, tap the record button to begin capturing your screen operation.

Using a ScreenCAST program

Screencasts allow you to catch something that happens on a screen and record it. Screencasts are popular for hosting tutorials, slideshows, and other visual presentations on desktop computers.

Especially for the iOS platform, there are not as many free screencast apps available for mobile devices. You can find a few for Android, though, when you search via Google Play (such as AZ Screen Recorder).

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