Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors 2021

Richest Nollywood Actors – Nollywood, the third-largest movie globally, has produced many wealthy and talented actors.

Nollywood is worth approximately $5 billion, making it the Nigerian film industry’s most lucrative venture.

Top 10 Richest Nollywood Actors 2021

Being a Nollywood actor is often seen as a ticket to fame and Hey, luxury. A Nollywood actor with an A-list is known to make over 800,000 Naira per film. To find the Richest Nollywood Actors in 2020, read below.

Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot is a talented actor with decent matching looks. He has starred in more than 100 movies and TV shows.

In the iconic soap opera, Everyday People, the Lagos-born actor had his first film stint. He has many top-notch awards to his name, such as the Nigeria Film Awards and the African Movie Academy Awards.

In the House of Assembly of Lagos state, he is presently a politician and a legislator. It is said that Desmond Elliot is worth more than 8 million dollars. His supporters and his constituency are well-loved by him.

Richard Mofe Damijo

The 58-year-old star, affectionately known as RMD, is among the few actors who are still creatively relevant despite their industry work decades.

Before delving into the movie scene, he first worked for newspapers as a journalist. As he was the Delta State Commissioner for Tourism in 2009, he was also involved in politics.

By 2020, he is said to be worth $7 million. He’s got a flair for luxury vehicle purchases. He owns a BMW 4 Series Coupé that he purchased for Naira 20 million and a Toyota Landcruiser for Naira 25 million.

Jim Ikye

As a rich Nollywood star, Jim Ikye is widely recognized. The actor was born in Gabon 42 years ago and has gone on to star in over 50 Nollywood movies.

Nineteen years ago, Jim Ikye began his acting career and emerged as Nigeria’s most celebrated and highest-paid star.

He is worth around $30 million, according to He is also an investor in entertainment since he owns a film production company and a record label. 

Ramson Nouah

In the hit Nollywood, this wealthy Nollywood actor has been starring since 1998. His birth name is Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr. His father is an Israelite, while his mother comes from the state of Ondo.

In the movie industry, he has left a mark, despite being typecast in romantic roles. He is highly sought-after in the industry for his charisma, imagination, and good looks. He said $4 million was worth it.

Nkem Owoh

Among Nollywood’s richest actors, Nkem Owoh is popularly regarded as ‘Osufia’. He has featured in more than 300 films and is known for winning a mouthwatering MTN contract.

After his appearance in the London film Osuofia, Nkem’s popularity skyrocketed. He appeared in the movie Lionheart in 2018, which was purchased by the streaming giant Netflix.

He is also a merchant of real estate and made excessive wealth out of his landed property in Enugu. It is said that he is worth $4 million.

How the Richest Nollywood Actors make their money

Starring in big-budget movies

Big-budget movies have always been a catch for these rich Nollywood stars, as actors earn big bucks starring in them.

There has been an increase in Nigerian film budgets over the last decade. This is a consequence of modern cinematic production and logistical costs, most notably Nollywood films made for the cinema.

The film ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ had a Naira 1.8 billion budget, for example. With high income, Nollywood actors who star in the high-budget movie of that kind will smile up.

Endorsement Deals

Hafiz Oyetoro Endorsement

Large and famous businesses are always searching for favorite stars from Nollywood to become their businesses face. That made a lot of actors from Nollywood wealthy.

In 2013, Hafiz Oyetoro, for example, signed an endorsement agreement with MTN for a contract worth more than 20 million Naira. The more selectable a Nollywood actor is, the higher his chances of winning a mouthwatering endorsement deal.  

Movie Production

The production and investment in their film or artistic project is another way rich Nollywood actors make money. As a means of earning a high salary, a lot of actors have embraced movie making.

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