Facebook Marketplace – The good, The bad, And Ugly

Facebook Marketplace – The good, The bad, And Ugly: In 2016, Facebook launched its very own marketplace that allows users to search products for sale locally. But what is it about purchasing and selling goods on the Facebook Marketplace?. I’ve been selling some of my old things for the past few months to make some money to help while I’m at university and have come across quite a few different buyers, and not all of them are good!.


Of course, you have those gems which, when arranged, don’t haggle on price, reply politely and turn up. Such individuals make selling worthwhile on any site. But sadly, not everybody is like this; some examples of the ‘poor’ kind of people I’ve dealt with while selling on Facebook Marketplace are below;

  • While it’s always worth asking if you can get the item cheaper as a buyer, offering the seller a shallow offer is not only cheeky but annoying if you’ve been sending messages back and forth. Then they come with a stupid offer that’s not near the price you’re asking for.
  • This baffles me; how do you not bring the right amount with you and then places the seller in an uncomfortable position about whether you give it to them for less or make more money from them or refuse the offer. People who come to collect without the right amount of money.
  • Not being at home when the seller has kindly delivered saves time for the buyers and gas, but when we can interact immediately, it is not fair and unreasonable.
  • People who are goddamn rude-these people don’t want you to sell them, no matter how much money you need. Without confirmation from the retailer, they prefer to believe they can receive when they want or pay whatever price they want.

I know what you’re thinking; this is a lot of bad points, and I’m not going to lie. It is, but if you encounter any of these scenarios with the opportunity to review buyers and block people, you have a bit of leverage.

I will also advise you not to deliver or send products via post unless you are charged for petrol and paid a deposit if you are a seller or are thinking of selling on Facebook Marketplace. Those who want the item should have no difficulties or problems doing this with bank transfer and PayPal.

Go with your gut on one last note for sellers! If you don’t have a positive vibe from someone interested in what you sell, you’re in charge of who you sell it to!

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I have had the most selling success compared to some other sales sites such as eBay, even though there are quite a few drawbacks to using Facebook Marketplace.

I’ve talked a lot about being a Facebook Marketplace seller, but what is it like using Facebook Marketplace to buy?

The Facebook Marketplace makes purchasing very easy, with pre-set questions and the ability to contact the seller through Facebook Messenger at any time. I will discover the item I want to buy and pick it up on the same day from my personal experience.

When you ask if an item is available, and the seller only reads the message (Facebook Messenger shows when someone has seen the message you sent) and does not respond, one of the most irritating things I have noticed when buying on Facebook Marketplace is. I always respond to any message as a seller myself, as it lets the individual know the item’s status and shows I’m serious about selling the item. This is why when they leave the message to read, this annoys me a little and puts me off buying from them. And you also have many options on who you buy from, with a lot of the same or similar things for sale.

Do you use Marketplace on Facebook? What is your experience of using it to sell and buy?

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