Dulux Paint – Types and Prices of Dulux Paint in Nigeria

Dulux Paint – Types and Prices of Dulux Paint in Nigeria: Redecorating is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh look. Paint is your passport, and maybe the simplest, least expensive, and most instant way to turn home to any desired taste. It might be as humble as bright white, but all the other lovely drop-dead colors will be omitted.


Ironically, it is the vast alternatives and different kinds of paint that always pose a challenge. There are just so many kinds of paints, classes, and shades that can make the competition very confusing for you. One unique paint brand stands out from these styles of brands, however, and is largely ranked among the very best, introducing the Dulux Paint.

Does a bell ring with that name? Sure. Of course. You wouldn’t need to be exposed to Dulux paint if you are a painter or a lover of beautiful colors, an interior designer, or a paint follower. It is ranked among the most durable paints, apart from the fact that this paint brand provides top-drawer finishing and elegance. It is one of the few reasons why the painting rates in Nigeria today are among the most sought after. Apart from its longevity and consistency, the paint offers imagination and versatility. You can combine separate colors easily and marvel at the incredible result.

With the value of paints and the popularity of Dulux paint by the day, it is important to consider fundamental facts about the paint, particularly given how well it works in the current market and the different types available. We will take a look at the prices of different styles of Dulux paint in this post and how much they go for in the current market.

Types of Dulux Paint

  • High Gloss Exchange Dulux
  • Gloss from Dulux
  • Silk Luxury Dulux
  • Ultra Matt Dulux
  • Dulux Enamel Water Foundation
  • Textured Paint Dulux Weather Shield

Types and prices of Dulux Paint in Nigeria

  • High Gloss Dulux Trade == N28,000-N34,000
  • Dulux Gloss == N9,000-N12,000
  • Luxurious Silk Dulux == N30,000-N35,000
  • Ultra Matt Dulux == N28,000-N32,000
  • Typical Matt == N10,000-N15,000
  • Dulux Enamel Water Base == N30,000-N36,000
  • Textured Paint Dulux Weather Shield == N40,000-N48,000

Here are popular Dulux Paints types and some information you need to know about each one.

High Gloss Exchange Dulux

This super-shiny paint offers a mirror-like texture and feels that all kinds of wood and wall look great and can be used indoors and outdoors, where any design features can be embellished. Take enamel paints based on water for indoor designs and use outdoor oil-based paints. Usually, gloss finishes are easier to clean because they do not grasp too much dirt.

Gloss from Dulux

For metalwork and wood, the gloss has a mid-to-high polish and is a popular option. Consider a one-coat or non-drip option when you need to save some time on painting.

Silk Luxury Dulux

For use on interior walls, Dulux Luxurious Silk is flawless. This rugged, durable mid-sheen paint is suitable in high-traffic areas such as children’s bedrooms, with its utter stain resistance and lifetime comfort. Dulux Rich Matt provides an equally tough, plush matt appearance that does a fantastic job of masking surface imperfections, such as in ancient homes or on walls where wallpaper has recently been removed.

Ultra Matt Dulux

If you are after a matt finish, this is the type of paint you will need. It’s ultra matt, rather than normal.

Dulux Enamel Water Foundation

This has a smaller sheen and is moisture-resistant, so for kitchen and bathroom walls, as well as kitchen cabinets and furniture, it is flawless. The finish is robust enough for washing and can be quickly retrofitted.

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Textured Paint Dulux Weather Shield

This paint offers a soft finish and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

There are various kinds and categories of art. While the popularity and prestige of some of these paints have risen, the unique Dulux paint stands out. The paint is available in different forms, like most other paints, and differs in functionality. If you choose an incorrect form of paint for a specific purpose, there is a chance that you will not get the best output as desired.

In recent times, the demand has increased for the different forms of Dulux paints. This is because individuals are more exposed to the various forms of available paints and their usefulness. Different forms are produced for different purposes and the various types in the current market need to be considered.

It should be noted that the price volatility highlighted above is due to numerous factors, including, among many others, variations in the currency exchange rate, position, and time of purchase.

Stuff that you’re going to like about Dulux Paint

Wonderful opacity with superior coverage: One of the biggest advantages of Dulux paint is that if you are looking for better coverage, it provides you with a superior opacity that makes it an awesome alternative. This implies that to paint your home you would need little quantity and this decreases the cost of home restyling for you.

Washable and easy to clean: Dulux paints are easy to clean, making your internal walls easy to maintain. Deluxe offers you the chance to keep your home clean economically, unlike many other paints that typically peel off while washing the surface.

Durable: You need a coating that is durable on both exterior and interior surfaces when building your home. Even when exposed to different environmental features, Dulux paints are more stable on the surfaces and you can find them suitable and fair as a result.

Antibacterial Element: While most of the paints available on the market are fine, most of them are known to provide bacteria with a good breeding climate. Dulux paints are, however, routinely produced to reduce the bacteria’s breeding potential, making them ecologically safe for use on the ceiling and interior walls.

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