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Comedy in Nigeria as a whole as well outside the country has been one of the majors in the Nigerian creative industry today.

Presently comedy has paved way for a lot of comedians, out of the few most popular comedians will be mention as a case study in this article who have taken comedy to the next level, due to their creativity and commitment.

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The comedy world has now evolved to stand-up comedy professionally, no matter what the economic situation may be, they are a few of them that still will rise up in a stand-up comedy show and Not to mention a few of actors who have gain popularity in the movie industry but act the only movie made here at home country, these travel to other countries to tell their joke and engage fans in real-time.

nigerian comedians list

Top ten funniest comedians listed in no particular order:

  1. Basket mouth

Basket Mouth is a stand-up comedian, who has premiered a whole lot of family shows, the bearer whose full name is Bright Okpocha, he has proven to be one of the most outstanding in his stand-up comedy platform, reasons why he was named the king of comedy in Nigeria. He has proven himself by always making the angriest set of humans laugh away their pain and sorrow. He has a way of putting the minds of the audience into a picturistic mode, they end up finding the jokes in their imagination. He has made collaborations with Bovi, and some prominent artist musicians too in Nigeria.

  1. Bovi

Bovi is married to a little princess hales from delta state, which we all know that majority of comedians are from southern Nigeria. His real nomenclature is Bovi Ugboma, he is an outstanding stand–up comedian too, who utilizes the stage and also utilizes the audience hilarious Nigeria comedian who uses the stage name “Bovi”. he mostly appears on set as Akpos, he has also tried acting

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  1. Apkororo

Akpororo is a very popular comedian in Nigerian whose uniqueness is an extremely outstanding comedian, he often shouts in his jokes which employs his gyrations. he is also well known for his good vocals as a part-time musician just a stand-up comedian but also a musician.

  1. I go die

The promising man I go die also has his own uniqueness in comedy too, he has severally made reference to his neck as long as an ostrich which due to his being wealthy has covered it up because indeed he has suffered a lot in the hands of poverty that he looks.

  1. Seyi Law, this is one hell of a funny human again, extremely so exciting to watch and listen to, he has severally partnered with his group of colleagues comedians, in the likes of Gordons, basket mouth, and a few
  1. Ayo Makun AY

Mr. Ayo has top up the chat of comedians, he has not just made his way into the comedy industry, but has also paved the way for others in the industry.

Some comedians came to light and are still coming to the limelight, he has been found in different movie scenes produced by him

He has popular series of AY LIVE TV CALL TO BAR, AY’S CRIB. So far he has been delivering in both comedy and movies comedian, he is an actor, musician, entertainer, and a TV host.

  1. Gordons

The name Gordons cannot be overemphasized

He has made the most hilarious comedian in Nigeria, his jokes are mainly self-creativity which also always centers in the political system of the country as his niche

His popularly known slogan is “movement to the permanent site” “Hallelujah” in between jokes. Gordons refers to himself as Comedy Berlusconi right under the ODP political party (Osusu Democratic Party). He has written single-handedly a lot of dongs both in English and majorly in Irhobo which he titled the album Gordons Comedy Klinic Wards.

  1. Saka

whenever this name is mentioned, you have no choice but to smile, he is popularly known as uncle saka, a former ambassador of the communication network called Etisalat which potted to MTN in a whooping deal f about N20million

The slogan states “I Don Port go MTN” it was a business deal that left lots of his fans confused as to why he had to port. Etisalat suffered a great loss which to date couldn’t recover. Amongst all of this, he is a singer, a stand-up comedian, a movie actor, and a lecturer

  1. MC Acapella

This young man is known biologically by Bennett Chinedu Daniel popularly known as MC Acapella has also made his way in the comedy industry, he is one of the few comedians whose jokes are very funny yet passing a strong message

  1. Alibaba

this man is the father of all fathers of comedy as far as the comedy industry is concerned, he is one of the starters of the stand-up comedy in Nigeria. His main name is called Alibaba Akporobome popularly tagged as the Grand Comedian of the Federal Republic (GCFR), which happens to be a self-acclaimed title a title, he will always state that he is one of the best you can get as long as comedy is concerned.

He is amongst the richest of comedians in Nigeria

The list above if you studied closely was the void of females, reasons being that they start and don’t finish, they later venture into other acts.

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