1. I have been banned from Market Place for 2 years now bc I Gave Away 10 kittens. A stray cat had 10 kittens on my porch. My husband said get rid of them take them to the shelter. I called the shelter. Yes they would take them. They would be Uthanized the same day bc they didn’t have room for them. I couldn’t do that. So I Gave them away on FB. I Did Not Buy or Sell these kittens. The Rules did Not say Anything about Giving them away. I even delivered some of them. The Moderator called me a liar. I wasn’t lying and I can prove it. She laughed and told me that my access was Permantly Suspended. So why do you (Face Book) Allow Unfair Hateful people to control the punishment of your users? I can’t even get a review of my case. What ever this Moderator did to my FB and MP feed worked. So I have been punished by a Bully that FB backs as a Moderator without even reviewing the issue. I can totally Prove that I did Not buy or sell Any animal on FB or MP. However, that is exactly what I’m being punished for by the Moderator who laughed at me, called me a liar and blocked my access to MP forever. There is something very wrong with this. Honestly, I just wonder what kind of a person would Enjoy hurting others like this. It’s very strange how Anyone could gain so much pleasure by Bulling another person….NEway, I’m trying to resolve this issue. If this doesn’t work then I will be switching to a different Social Media Group. My church and school groups will be going with me

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