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Yahoo mail is an online messaging platform where you send messages (text, documents, pictures, and even videos) to other users. It was launched in 1997 by an American company called Yahoo, its growth was rapid, having over 281 million users in 2011. Now, Yahoo Mail is the third-largest web-based email service in the world.

Yahoo Mail sign up

If you wish to own a Yahoo mail account, here are the things you should know. First, it (Yahoo mail) allows users to configure your inbox to check your accounts from external email service providers, e.g., Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL.

Also, with the 1,000 GB of storage space that is allocated to you, you could send and receive large file attachments without having to use services like Google Drive or Dropbox. To create a Yahoo account, you just need to follow a few easy steps.

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Step by Step Guide to sign Up for a New Yahoo Mail Account

  1. Navigate to Yahoo’s main page and click or tap on Mail > Sign up.
  2. Enter your details in the required fields – including your mobile number. After completing all fields, tap continue.
  3. On the next window, tap on “Text me a code.”
  4. Enter the verification code that you receive on your mobile phone and tap on Submit code.

Congratulations, your Yahoo mail account has been created. To access your page, click the “Let’s get started” button.

Yahoo Mail Login

You may have a yahoo mail account before and don’t have an idea of how to log in, or maybe someone opened the account on your behave, and you are wondering how to log in. Well, you are on the right web portal because this section of the article will treat just that.

How to Login Yahoo Mail Account

Note that you can either log in through the web browser or with the Yahoo mail mobile App. The latter is recommended so you can get notifications of all your incoming mail as soon as they are coming in. First, let me teach you how you can download the Yahoo mail app on your android or iOS devices

Download Yahoo mail App

To download on Android

  • From your app list, visit the Google Playstore
  • Input “Yahoo mail” in the search box and click on the yahoo mail app
  • This will redirect you to the download page, here, all you have to do is click on the “Install” tab
  • Wait until download/install process is done, then close your Google play store
  • Yahoo mail app has successfully been downloaded on your Android device; you can find it on your app list.

To download on iOS devices

  • From your app list, visit the iOS store
  • Input “Yahoo mail” in the search box and click on the yahoo mail app
  • This will redirect you to the download page, here, all you have to do is click on the “Install” tab
  • Wait until download/install process is done
  • Yahoo mail app has successfully been downloaded on your iOS device; you can find it on your app list.

Now that you’ve downloaded the Yahoo mail app, follow the instructions below to login into it;

  1. Start from your Android phone, press or hold your device’s Menu button and then tap on the Settings button
  2. Here, you need to tap or click on Add account option
  3. After that, tap on the Email button
  4. Also, enter your full Yahoo email address and password in the given field
  5. Now, tap on Next button
  6. You have an alternative to adjusting your sync settings, then tap on the Next button
  7. Now you can enter the name you want to be displayed on your outgoing mail as a profile name, then tap on Next button

Congratulations, you have successfully configured your YahooMail account on Android application.

This Yahoo app puts all your mail accounts in just one app, here you can search, read, and respond to messages without stress. Yahoo mail app also comes with a smart search feature, where you can search for emails in all your linked accounts at the time, this search feature also has the sort feature where you can classify your results via mails, photos, videos, files with just one tap. With the yahoo mail app for Android, you can easily switch linked accounts for inboxes.

Yahoo Mail Login with Facebook or Google account

You can also login to yahoo mail using your Facebook account or your Google account. All you have to do is make sure your device is signed it into any of this account and then follow the instructions below;

  • Open your yahoo mail either on PC or from your mobile app
  • On the login page, click on login with Facebook or Google at the bottom end
  • Make sure you click on the alternative that you are logged into before, for instance, if your device is connected to your Facebook account, then click on “Login with Facebook” but if it is connected to your Google account, click “Login with Google.”
  • As soon as that is done, you will automatically be signed in to your Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Mail Theme

Yahoo Mail app also comes with some amazing themes, this feature can allow you to change how your app interface looks like, and you can apply any of the themes that suit your style. On this mobile application, you can always have a different theme for a different mail-box, follow these quick steps to change the theme of your yahoo mail account;

How to Change your Yahoo Mail Theme

  • On the mobile app, tap on the menu icon
  • Now hit the settings icon
  • On this page click on the themes icon
  • Now, you should be seeing a lot of various themes, click on the one you like to apply and hit the confirm icon.

Yahoo mail Notifications

Yahoo mails notifications are immediate or prompt alerts you get when you receive an mail on your yahoo mail app; this can be modified by either turning it on or off. To turn it on following these simple steps;

Steps to Turn On Yahoo Mail Notification

  • First and foremost, you will need to turn on notifications on your mobile application in the settings of your device
  • Next, click/tap on the menu icon
  • Now, click on the settings bar
  • And click on notifications
  • Then on the settings, you want to use, swipe it to the right
  • Finally, How to login to the web – Yahoo Mail Login

If after turning on your notifications, you still don’t get an instant alert when you receive a mail, then there may be an issue with the application, you should attempt any one of these approaches;

  • Logout of the app, and Log in again
  • Check if the application is outdated, if outdated, try updating it
  • Or finally, if the above did not work, then, uninstall your yahoo mail mobile app for Android and reinstall it.

Yahoo Mail Login Issues

If you have been undergoing issues or unable to login to Yahoo Mail account note that you must have been promoting a mistake somewhere. Below are some basic explanations of why you are having issues logging into your account.

  • Incorrect Password.
  • Wrong Email ID.
  • Unable to verify Yahoo Mail Login Device.

Most users enter a wrong password without knowing. If you enter an incorrect password, you won’t be able to login to your account. Check if your password is correct or type it somewhere and copy and paste it into the password section.

Make certain and be guaranteed that you entered your Yahoo Mail ID properly before going to the password section as this is your identification name on the platform to access your account. I have noticed that the user can now use their mobile devices as Yahoo Mail Login Security. Users have to tap the account key push notification on their device to log in.

Forgot Yahoo Mail Password?

If all the above still didn’t work, then it may probably be that you have forgotten your Yahoo mail password. Don’t worry much about it because it happens to almost everybody, with lots of numbers or information on your head, forgetting a password is inevitable.

Here is how you can reset your Yahoo mail password below, after resetting it, make sure the new one is written down somewhere safe so you won’t have to reset often.

How to Reset forgotten Yahoo Mail Password

  1. Go to the Yahoo account sign-in page.
  2. Click or tap on “I don’t remember my password.”
  3. The next page will ask you to input your Yahoo mail account ID.
  4. After entering the email id, on the next page, there will be three password recovery choices available.
  • Recovery by Substitute Email address: in this technique, a password recovery link will be sent to your substitute email address. Just tap/click on that link, it will take you to the password reset page where you have to input a new password then click on save, and your password has been recovered.
  • Recovery by Phone: in this technique first you have to enter some missing digit of your stored phone number, and Yahoo will send an OTP to it. After entering the received OTP, it will take you to the account recovery page. Now you can reset your new account password to recover it.
  • Recovery by Secret Questions: if you do not have contact on your phone device and email address, you can restore your login password after entering some security questions. After answering these questions correctly, you will allow setting a new password.

You can also decide to change your password for security reasons, maybe you have noticed some illegal activities on your account, or you suspected that someone has breached/hacked your account. Changing passwords often at least once in 5 months is a good act; this will not allow hackers to get into your account.

To change your yahoo mail password, follow the instructions below;

How to Change Yahoo Mail Password

  1. Sign in to your Yahoo account as you would normally, and click the gear image in the upper-right corner. If you’re using a mobile browser, just tap the Menu icon.
  2. Click Account Info, which is probably located at the bottom of your menu.
  3. Click Account Security and enter your present password.
  4. Click Change password.
  5. Enter your new login password (twice). Ensure to use a new password, too, and not one that could be easily compromised (like “password” or your birthday)
  6. Then finally, save the new password

That’s all, you can come back after 5-6 months to change it again, but note that it is not compulsory to do. If your password is strong enough, you may not need to change it at all for the rest of your life.

Link your Yahoo Mail to your Facebook Account

Linking your Yahoo account with your Facebook account efficiently expands your Yahoo contacts list. To do this, you’ll need to open your Yahoo account settings on a desktop because it may be really difficult to do this on a mobile app. Follow the instructions below to link your yahoo mail with your Facebook account;

Step by Step Procedure to Link Yahoo Mail with Facebook Account
  • Visit the Yahoo mail website with your PC
  • As soon as you are signed in to your account, click on the Settings gear at the top right corner of the page
  • Then click on settings, the second option from the drop-down box
  • On the settings page, click on Account from the options
  • Click “Connect,” which is in front of Facebook. If you’re not signed into Facebook, you will be prompted to do so.
  • Click “Continue as your name, YAHOO MAIL.
  • Finally, click “OK” on the pop-up box.

That’s all; your Yahoo account has been successfully connected to your Facebook account. You can also connect it with other social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter using the same procedure.

I hope this article have broaden your knowledge on Yahoo mail, from how you can create your own personal Yahoo mail account, to log in, to download the mobile app, to changing of themes, to solving login issues, to resetting password to changing password and finally to linking your yahoo mail with your Facebook account or other social media accounts.

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