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Facebook notification Settings – Are you tired of the frequent notifications that flood your desktop screen, Android device, or smartphone? These notifications can come from either Facebook social platform or any other social media networks.

Facebook notifications are updates about activities that occur on Facebook, it can be status updates, photo updates, events updates etc.

It is very necessary for every Facebook user to turn on his or her Facebook notification because it helps to keep Facebook users updated with the latest trends. It also helps to notify Facebook users of their events, time, date and location of the event.

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Disadvantage Of Facebook notification

A disadvantage of Facebook notification is that it distracts Facebook users from other important and valuable things they ought to do. If you are working on an important matter and your mobile phone beeps I guess you will like to open that message to check which notification it is, by doing this you find out that you get attached to reading the notified updates rather than completing the work you have at hand.

You can separately adjust which notification you want to receive about a tagged post, videos and photos either from your friends or from your friends of friends.

You can Also adjust the notifications you get from Facebook in your account settings by turning your notifications setting On or Off.

Adjusting Facebook notification settings | Turn on notifications | Turn on notifications

Here are the few steps you need to adjust your Facebook notification settings, make sure you follow them step by step without making a mistake.

  1. Log into your Facebook account with your details.
  2. Click the Account menu at the top of the page.
  3. Select Account settings.
  4. Click on notifications bar at the top of the account settings page.
  5. You will see a large page of notifications with two boxes beside them. The first box signifies “turn on” notifications while the other denotes “turn off” notifications.
  6. Choose the option you want.
  7. Click the button labelled “save changes”.

When you click on save changes, your notifications has been changed automatically.

Remember turning on your notifications setting means you will get a notification about an update anytime. While turning off notifications means you won’t get a notification concerning any updates.

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