Why doesn’t he like you back?


Why doesn’t he like you back? – However, in almost all cases, his reason for not falling in love with you will fit snugly into one of these categories.

1. You’re making an excessive effort to please him.
In your quest to convince him of your dating potential, you risk alienating him by appearing too easy to get. Bear in mind that men enjoy a chase and desire a woman who is worth the chase.

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2. You are readily accessible to him
You may wish to make a lasting impression by being available at his whim. Alternatively, you could attempt to spend as much time as possible with him. This will not bring the two of you closer; rather, it will make him despised your obsessive clinginess. By maintaining some distance, you can make him the desire and crave you.

3. You are not the type he is looking for.
There is nothing you can do in this situation. Each guy has his own preferences for a partner, whether it’s her height, the color of her hair, or even something as insignificant as the way she laughs. Don’t alter your personality for him. Move on and find someone who likes you for who you are. Of course, having a “type” in the first place is quite immature, so consider yourself fortunate for avoiding a bullet!

4. You have entered his friend zone.
He regards you as a friend. Is he effusive in his praise of other girls he finds attractive? Is he discussing gross details that you would only share with close friends? While this may appear to be a sign of him opening up to you, it could also indicate that he regards you as another friend with whom he is not required to impress.

5. He has a crush on someone else
Occasionally, you may be a tad late in realizing what a great catch he is. He may have a crush on someone else or be in a committed relationship with another wonderful girl.

6. He is not attracted to you sexually
Have you known each other for a long period of time? While guys view all females as sexual objects when they desire them, they generally avoid sexually sizing up female friends.

7. He does not believe you are compatible.
Do you keep a running list of the qualities you admire and desire in a man? There’s a good chance he’s got his own checklist, as well. Additionally, there may be some characteristics about you that he does not want in a girlfriend. The only way to learn his preferences is to subtly inquire.

8. Differing temperaments in terms of emotion
Do you and your partner share similar views and interests? At times, a guy may find you attractive, but he may also notice a significant difference in the way you see and approach life. It’s a natural occurrence, and you should let go because no guy is worth altering your life for!

9. He is homosexual
Perhaps you believe this is a joke, but many girls have been there and witnessed this. The majority of guys who aren’t straight are secret homosexuals who don’t reveal their sexual orientation to anyone. They may even date a girl to fit in!

10. He adheres to arbitrary standards
Have you ever met an arrogant guy who believes he is God’s gift to womenkind?

To be sure, some guys have extremely high self-esteem and unreasonable demands and expectations of their prospective girlfriend. Put this narcissistic guy out of your mind; he’ll crawl back to you after every girl throws him in the dirt.

Rather than asking, “Why doesn’t he like me?” send him a few subtle signals and await his response. If he does nothing, simply walk away. There are far too many fish in the sea to be concerned with one that leaves a bad taste in your mouth!

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