What Does “Video Under Review” Mean?


What Does “Video Under Review” Mean? – If you’re a popular TikTok maker, you’ve probably encountered the “video under review” issue. Because TikTok has a large number of young users (under 16) as well as a large number of popular creators, video-reviewing is fairly widespread. Popular creators’ videos will be checked more frequently before being uploaded. This is TikTok’s way of assuring parents that their children will not be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing content. This also inhibits impersonation, which is a problem for most well-known creators.

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What Does It Mean When It Says “Video Under Review”?

TikTok’s “video under review” feature locks your video and prevents it from receiving any additional views. Any video that violates the community guidelines will be taken down and permanently removed by TikTok. However, if any of your uploads only skirt the edges of the community norms without actually breaking them, TikTok will keep your films under review.

TikTok’s BOT (artificial intelligence) is in charge of keeping your video under evaluation. When the AI identifies a lot of skin, weapons, abusive words, or hashtags in a video, description, or hashtags, it will flag it for review. This doesn’t always happen right after you post a video. If a large number of people start reporting an old video with a lot of views, it may be taken down. As a result, we may claim that submitting your video for review is a form of shadow-banning or ghost-banning.

When Your TikTok Video Is Under Review, What Happens Next?

You will not be notified while your video is being reviewed. If you posted the video a long time ago, you will almost definitely never be aware of it. However, if the video was just posted, you may notice some strange alterations.

The number of people who have seen your video has reached a halt.
The view count freezes when a video is under review, no matter how popular it is. If you’ve just submitted a movie and the AI identifies a problem, it will remain at 0 views. This is likely to be the first symptom that many people will notice. This has a significant effect on many producers, particularly if the video is promoted. You put all of your efforts into a video, and due to a minor oversight, no one will view it. Even if you continue to watch your video, the view count will not increase.

This, however, does not always imply that your video is being reviewed. This issue might also develop as a result of a low follower count or inactive followers.

Incapable Of Sharing

You’ll get an error if you try to copy the URL or share the video to other platforms after clicking the “three dots” option on your video. It will say “Your video is being reviewed and cannot be shared at this time.” This is the most reliable indicator that your video is being reviewed. You won’t be able to share your video with anyone while it’s being reviewed. This is TikTok’s other method of restricting incoming video traffic.

FYP: Doesn’t Appear On Others

If your video is being reviewed, it almost certainly breaks some regulations and may be offensive to some viewers. As a result, your under-review video will not appear in other users’ For You tab, preventing other users from seeing it. It won’t even show up in the post-feeds of the folks that follow you. Only you will be able to see your under-appreciated video. However, the number of views will not increase.

Even after dealing with all of these issues, your video may never be deleted or reviewed. Even if the AI detects certain undesirable characteristics in the film, it will never be seen by officials, and the shadow restriction may never be lifted. However, your video will normally be assessed within two days or 48 hours. That’s that about “What Does “Video Under Review” Mean?”

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