The most common things men lie about


The most common things men lie about – Why do men fabricate lies? Additionally, do men lie at all? Indeed, they do. This is a fact. Women, too, lie, but frequently in different ways and for different reasons.

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For every man who candidly states that he isn’t interested in a relationship or isn’t ready to commit, there are five more who promise you a relationship and romance only to sleep with you and never call you again.

Men do not lie, but women do not listen is sometimes true, but more men lie than do not. That, too, is not a fabrication. What I’ve learned from my own and my friends’ years of dating is that this is the exception, not the rule.

Men lie, not because we believe they do, but because they actually do. Men may be unaware that we are aware of this, but they lie frequently. And, while some lies are unique and random, there are some topics about which men frequently lie. If you are not already aware, they are as follows:

1. Their courtship history
This may seem self-evident. However, many men fabricate their prior dating history. To be more precise, their sexual experiences. Men are lauded in our society for their experience. As a result, men frequently inflate their number of acquaintances in order to impress a new acquaintance.

2. Insignificant details
Men frequently fabricate stories about trivial matters. What do you gain by lying in these circumstances? A considerable distance. A man who is hesitant to commit to a relationship will fabricate information about their whereabouts, their plans, and who they are with.

Even if they are not cheating, they will lie in order to maintain some distance from the person they are dating. Then, the knowledge that they lied and got away with it serves as a secret that prevents them from fully committing.

3. Appeal to others
When a man claims he does not find a lingerie model attractive or that he was not examining a woman who walked by, he is frequently lying.

This is not because they believe they are doing something wrong by finding others attractive, but because they have learned through experience and society that discussing those attractions with your partner does not go well.

4. Their errors
Men, like many other people, struggle to admit their errors. Even if they are aware of them and have gained knowledge from them, admitting them requires courage and trust that they may lack.

If a man has cheated on an ex, he is likely to lie about it to a new partner in order to avoid being labeled a cheater. They do not want their past mistakes or poor choices to define them.

5. Their anxieties
Men, according to society, should be brave and strong. A man who openly discusses his fears and concerns is not considered manly. Although this is extremely harmful, men frequently lie in order to conceal their stress, fears, or worries. This could be anything from a fear of rejection to an internal struggle with their own deservingness. That’s that about “The most common things men lie about”

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