How to Create, Share and Watch Instagram Reels

How to Make a Reel for Instagram – To make your own reel video, use the Instagram app for Android or iOS and follow these instructions. For both mobile devices, the measures are similar.

  • Tap the camera icon in the top left corner of the main Instagram feed page, or swipe right.
  • The default setting for the horizontal scrolling menu at the bottom should be Story. Instead, scroll to the left and change it to Reels.
  • Choose whether to record a reel in the app or to upload one from your laptop.
  • To record in the app, tap the action button once to begin recording and again to stop recording. Alternatively, you can tap and hold to record and then raise your finger to stop.
  • To upload a video, go to the bottom left and tap the media icon to choose a video from your computer. At the bottom, drag the video viewer along the timeline to find the clip you like, or tap and drag the ends to shorten it. Then, to confirm, click the checkmark button.
  • To enhance and add effects to your video, use the tools on the left side of the screen.

Music: Find a video clip by tapping the music symbol button, or use the search bar at the top to look for one. To hear it first, press the play button, then pick the song to apply it. You can actually pick which part of the song you want to include by dragging the audio selection into place using the audio tool at the bottom. In the top right corner, tap Done.

Tap the arrow button to slow down (.3x or.5x) or speed up (.7x or.9x) your video (2x or 3x).

Effects: At the bottom of the page, tap the smiley face icon to swipe through and choose from a variety of filter effects (similar to Snapchat filters). To use an impact, simply tap it.

Set a timer by tapping the clock icon to determine the length of a shot. Before the clip starts recording, a countdown will begin when you return to it.

Align: Use the transparent picture to align with your next clip after tapping the frames icon to see the end of your previous clip.

To switch between clips, use the left and right arrows on either side of the record button, and tap the trash icon to delete a particular clip. To view the preview of your reel without deleting any clips, simply tap the right arrow button several times before you reach the end of all your clips.

  • Extra effects can be added by tapping the stickers, draw, or text buttons in the top right corner.
  • To post it, press the right arrow button once more.
  • In the caption area, type a caption, then tap Share to post it to your Reels.
  • To post it to your Stories, tap the Stories tab at the top.
  • Tap Save as Draft at the bottom if you’re not ready to publish just yet. By tapping the drafts/video icon in the bottom left corner of the main Live/Story/Reels page, you can access your saved drafts.

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