How to Change Your Modem Password

How to Change Your Modem Password | Modem and WIFI Password

This article will show you how to change the name and password of your Wi-Fi network, as well as how to update the admin username and password on your modem, if possible.

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How Do I Change the Password and Name on My Wi-Fi Modem?

You can’t change the name or password of your Wi-Fi network by going to your internet service provider’s website or app. Instead, you can change this information at any time by using a specific IP address and login information to access your modem or modem/router hybrid system directly.

Find the IP address and login information for your modem. This is normally written on the device’s rim, included in the manual, or even stuck on the packaging it came in (often a sticker).

  • Viewing the properties or specifics of the Wi-Fi connection on a connected device, such as a Windows 10 computer or an iPhone, will reveal your modem’s IP address. It’s the number that appears next to IPv4 DNS servers or Routers and looks like
  • Enter your modem’s IP address into the address bar of your favorite internet browser as if it were a website URL.
  • Click Log In after entering your modem’s username and password. (The admin username and password for your modem are different from the Wi-Fi name and password.)
  • Your internet service provider should be able to supply you with your modem username and password if you’ve forgotten them. Your modem username and password can also be found on the following pages:
  • NETGEAR Belkin Cisco D-Link Linksys
    One of the reasons users should update their modem login information is that this information is public.
  • Then choose Network.
  • The segment with your modem Wi-Fi settings can be referred to as Internet, Wireless, or Wi-Fi, depending on your service provider.
  • Click Wireless (5GHz) or a menu item that sounds like it belongs in the Wi-Fi or wireless internet category.
  • If you like, you can give your Wi-Fi network a new custom name by typing it in the field next to SSID Name.
  • Your new Wi-Fi password is the WPA Key. To create a new password, simply delete the old one and type in the new one.
  • Make sure your password is solid.
  • To save your changes, go to the bottom of the page and click Save.

How do I change the name and password for my modem?

Following the steps above, you can change the name and password for the Wi-Fi internet connection provided by your modem. However, depending on how the modem’s manufacturer or service provider generated these settings, changing your modem’s login username might be more difficult.

You may want to boost the encryption level when upgrading the names and passwords for the modem and Wi-Fi network.

You may be able to find the options for changing your modem admin name and password in a section called Maintenance, Settings, Account, or Admin if you go through the same method as changing your Wi-Fi name and password.

It’s not unusual to be able to alter either one or the other.

You will be able to update your modem username and password by logging into your main account on their website or calling their customer service department.

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