How men fall in love – The 7 stages of love for men


How men fall in love – Now that you have a firm grasp on how men date and fall in love, you may begin to understand why they flee at times and act so smitten with others.

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However, if you truly want to understand a man’s mind as he falls in love, check out the 7 stages of love for men to learn how men fall in love and the various stages they go through.

Stage 1 – Acknowledgement

This is entirely about appearances and instant attraction. However, this should allay women’s concerns. Men are notoriously naive when it comes to falling in love at first sight.

While women may fall in love during the first conversation, men are initially drawn to a woman solely for her physical characteristics and almost nothing else.

While physical appearance is critical for men, it is not always the entire package. Each guy has his own preferences for the characteristics he admires in a woman, whether it’s her face, her legs, her smile, or even the way she runs her hands through her hair. To be clear, physical appearance does not necessarily mean the body of a Victoria’s Secret angel or the face of the sexiest celebrity. If you manage to make his heart skip a beat during the initial conversation, chances are he’ll think something about you is incredibly attractive!

A guy may have no idea what it is about a girl that he admires, but if he notices something appealing about her, he may enter the appreciation stage.

Stage 2 – Addiction

On a daily basis, men appreciate a large number of women. They are constantly attempting to steal second glances or gain a girl’s attention. However, it is not always successful, either because he is not making a sufficient effort or because the woman is simply not interested in him. The infatuation stage of how men fall in love is also the dating game’s wooing stage.

A man may admire a large number of women, but he is not infatuated by them all. He enters the infatuation phase if he admires a woman and is interested in wooing or pursuing her.

A man may pursue a woman in a variety of ways, but if she rejects his advances, he typically dismisses her as another attractive girl he desired to date. It’s easier for a man to like a girl one day and then forget about her the next because he has so many stages to go through before deciding to fall in love.

Stage 3 – Attraction

If a guy’s advances are met with an attractive girl’s response, he enters the attraction stage of love. Until this point, a guy can walk away from a girl without feeling hurt or heartbroken, even if she rejects him. He is not attempting excessively hard, and he has not fallen in love sufficiently to care about rejection when he is merely attempting to get lucky.

However, if a girl shows the slightest indication of reciprocation or interest in the guy, or even if the guy assumes she is, the guy delves deeply into this stage, the attraction stage. He decides at this point to pursue the girl and win her affection.

Stage 4 – Making an impression

Understanding how men fall in love is complicated, but he’s nowhere near falling in love at the moment, even at this stage. All he wants is to win the girl’s affection. He demonstrates his sexual prowess to her. He peacocks plan dates and lavish on gifts to win the girl’s approval. He is most emphatically not in love, but he does wish for something positive to emerge from this stage of impressions.


If a guy breezes through these various stages of love for men, he may begin to suspect that there is something more in the air. However, rather than falling in love with the girl, he is preoccupied with how to convince her to fall in love with him.

He would really like the girl at this point and would want to continue dating her, but the uncertainty would keep him on edge until he was certain the girl liked him.

This stage is particularly noticeable when a guy falls for a friend or someone well-known. He can’t really impress her by buying gifts or taking her out on dates, but he can’t stop thinking about how to convince her to date him. At this stage, the only thing on a guy’s mind is how to get the girl to like him.

Stage 6 – Reaffirmation

If he is successful in convincing the girl and convincing her to fall in love with him, he will be a happy man. He is pleased with the direction in which the dating game is taking.

But up to this point, in his pursuit of getting the girl to like him, he hasn’t asked himself if he actually likes the girl and wants to date her. Until this stage of love, he’d been concentrating on getting the girl to like him. Only after the girl falls in love with him does a man seriously consider whether he wants to be in a relationship with the girl who has fallen in love with him.

It’s a self-centered move, but one that evolution has instilled in all-male species. “Do not squander your time thinking. Spend your time looking for additional locations to bust a nut.”

Now that the girl has fallen in love with him or is falling in love with him day by day, he takes a couple of days to reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of being in a relationship with her. Is he truly in love with the girl as well? Is he content with her? Is this the woman he desires and requires?

Stage 7- He is prepared to love

If a man is convinced that he truly likes and desires the girl, he enters this final stage of love, in which he is prepared to fall in love with her. On the other hand, if he isn’t completely convinced that the girl is the right match for him, he may begin to avoid her or lose interest in pleasing her as a result of his confusion.

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