Five things you should do before the service year runs out: NYSC

Five things you should do before the service year runs out: NYSC – To various people, the one-year obligatory NYSC service for Nigerian university graduates implies different things. For some, it offers the chance to carve out a career path. Others see it as a chance to pick up new skills and meet new people. For others, though, it is simply a chance to relax after three or more years of intense academic pursuits. In fact, for several people, this is the first time they are on their own without their parents watching over them. While some people set out to attain certain goals, others simply want to enjoy the one year they have.

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Here are five pieces of advice to consider if you have little or no plans for your service years:


  • Basic Computing Skills Training and Proficiency

To stay up with the technology trend, certain fundamental abilities are required, since the world has become increasingly digital. If you have no prior knowledge of computers or how they work, you should begin by learning and mastering Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The intermediate or advanced level should be your goal. In the following days, though, you’ll need more than just three to cope. Begin someplace. It will take you one year to master any fundamental computing skills you require.

  • Have a CV that is functional

You should have a functioning CV after three to seven years of active academic employment. A page and a half is the minimum length for a CV. It must include not only the facts of your academic career, but also your industrial training, internship(s), and all voluntary initiatives. This portrays you as a leader who is concerned not only with making money but also with making a positive contribution to society. Many others have the same degree and have even attended higher universities. Something other than your degree must make you stand out.

  • Maintain an active LinkedIn profile.

Make sure you have a LinkedIn account with an updated profile before you finish your service year. LinkedIn is not like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, which are social media platforms that allow users to engage in a variety of activities. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Employers or potential partners, as the case may be, must be enticed by your profile. If your profile shows that you lack a specific set of talents, you’re already on the losing end of the equation. Getting one or two people to submit recommendations on your LinkedIn profile is an excellent method to increase your exposure.

  • Establish a Strong Network

This is an important aspect of both personal and professional growth. When you have the opportunity, attend conferences, workshops, seminars, and other events on topics that interest you. The positive relationship you establish and maintain will benefit you in the future, whether on a professional or personal level. Ensure that the relationships you maintain are vital to your life’s objectives. Your personal and professional success or failure will be determined by the strength of your network. In our generation, the network is crucial, and it works best when it is actively pursued to achieve your objectives.

  • Have a knack for presenting, communicating, and managing projects

You should be proficient in at least two of these three categories, regardless of what you studied. In this generation, paper credentials aren’t enough if they’re the only thing you have to show for it. Many others have the same degree as you, as I already said. Organizations seek what sets them apart from the competition. You won’t obtain some of the things you desire, either personally or professionally, if you don’t stand out from the crowd.

Finally, the travel is lengthy. Consider enlisting the help of a mentor. A mentor might assist you in gaining clarity on your path. Above all, amass as many talents as possible right now. They’d be useful when there are a thousand other people to compete with and you need to stand out. That’s that about “Five things you should do before the service year runs out: NYSC”