6 things you can do to make her love it


6 things you can do to make her love it – If you’re wondering what women want in bed, you’ve come to the right place. Simply keep these ten things in mind, and you’ll ensure that the special lady feels more loved and sexy, while also having a good time.

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Below are the “6 things you can do to make her love it”

1. Be patient. This is something that the majority of men overlook. Additional foreplay. Guys are aware of the rules, but they can’t help themselves. All that is required is to stick the shaft and drive. However, if she delays penetration and enjoys the foreplay, she will feel wetter and will enjoy sex much more. Isn’t that worthwhile?

Additionally, there is something to keep in mind. By prolonging foreplay, you provide your mind and your little guy with additional time to prepare for sex. Additionally, by increasing your foreplay time, you’ll decrease your chances of losing an erection midway.

2. Emotional bond. To enjoy sex more fully, girls must feel emotionally connected to the guy. This, however, does not diminish the sexiness of one-night stands. However, in a relationship in which you’ve had a few sexual encounters, you must always prioritize making her feel loved and emotionally connected to you. It’ll increase her enjoyment of the evening significantly.

As you prepare to make love, speak to her lovingly, kiss her all over her face and ears, and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. If you do this correctly, she will undoubtedly feel more connected to you and even fall in love with you.

3. Physical link. When two bodies have sex, they fuse and become one. When you’re on top of the girl, ensure that both of you are properly positioned and comfortable. Neither of you can enjoy sex if your bodies are not at ease with one another.

Breathe in tandem with her and inhale your breath as she inhales hers. When your bodies align perfectly and breathe in unison, she’ll feel more connected to you and may even believe she’s found the perfect match for her body.

4. Diversification and games. Making love is a passionate endeavor. However, too much of a good thing can become tedious. Therefore, attempt to incorporate passionate sex with games and enjoyment. Girls enjoy having a good time in bed, and it is not always about sex. Cuddle her, tease her, and play with her clothes for a while before deciding to jump each other’s bones.

5. Create the appropriate atmosphere. If you want to have amazing sex, you must first set the mood. You can use perfumed body oils and give her a half-hour massage, concentrating on her love spots, to make her feel horny and relaxed while also extending foreplay.

If you’re not in the mood for something elaborate, you can even use pornography. Alternatively, both of you can go clubbing on a Saturday night and fight it out in the club until you make her wet and want to take you there immediately.

While you cannot always create ideal sexual moods, if you make an effort to increase sexual tension, she will definitely orgasm more.

6. Self-confidence. Self-esteem is critical for a woman to feel sexy in bed with a man. When you’re having sexual relations with your girlfriend, make her feel loved and secure, and compliment her body or any other specific areas that you find seductive.

Women adore a man who gives them a boost in bed. Allow yourself to overlook her awkward spots and continue complimenting her body. And she’ll bring out the seductive minx within, who’ll exude confidence and provide you with an enhanced experience in bed.

And now that you’re aware of what women desire in bed, make an effort to ensure that your girl has a good time while she’s in bed with you. Keep your focus on her pleasure, and you’ll find yourself feeling on top of the world as well! Those are “6 things you can do to make her love it”

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