25 Bro Code Rules Every Guy Should Live By


25 Bro Code Rules Every Guy Should Live By – These rules establish the code of conduct between bros and their interactions with the opposite sex when it comes to bros and chicks.

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Before the Hoes chicks, it’s the Bros. This guideline is supposed to predate the concept of the bro code and is the founding principle of being a bro. This guideline indicates that a man should prioritize his brothers over his desire for the opposite sex.

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1. A bro must always have another bro’s back, regardless of the situation. In times of need, whether it’s financial difficulties, the chase of girls, fistfights, or drunken hijinks, a bro must be there for his bro.

2. Women in a bro’s immediate family are off-limits. This signifies that a bro should never touch another bro’s gorgeous mother or sister. He can, however, comment on their appearance. The only exceptions are stepmothers and stepsisters.

3. A bro’s ex-girlfriend or girlfriend is also off-limits. No bro is allowed to sleep with, flirt with, or make filthy remarks about their brother’s current girlfriend or exes.

4. A bro is not permitted to cock block another bro. Also known as the “dibs” rule, which states that if a bro likes a female first, you should act as his wingman and not ruin his chances.

5. Girls can also be bros. Bros must value girls that have bro-like characteristics. When a girl acts like a bro and follows the rules, she is given the same level of protection and respect as the boys. That is to say…

6. Girl brothers are also off-limits. A bro should not make sexual or romantic advances towards a girl bro unless he is teasing her.

7. You inform a bro’s wife or girlfriend if you catch her cheating on him, regardless of the consequences. Because of the first rule.

8. If a bro finds another bro’s woman irritating or unattractive, he must remain mute until they break up. Always be respectful of your brother’s decisions. Even if it isn’t your first choice.

9. You have no idea what to say when a bro’s girlfriend or wife calls to inquire about his whereabouts. Because of the second rule.

Rules for Bro-to-Bro Activities on a Daily Basis:

10. No bro should look at a naked bro’s body.

11. Brothers do not exchange birthday greetings.

12. Bros don’t go clothes shopping with each other.

13. Bros have an obligation to assist another bro who is moving or performing DIY repairs.

14. It is forbidden for brothers to share dessert.

15. A bro is entitled to the leftover change if he volunteers to conduct a food or alcohol run.

16. If a man is under the age of 30, he is not allowed to marry.

17. A bro will never rent a girl flick for himself to watch. This has to be done in front of his other brothers.

18. Bros never cry. Unless a family member or another brother dies, then they get “dirt” in their eyes.

19. A bro is not permitted to apply sunblock to another bro.

20. A bro should never tell another bro how many women he has slept with.

21. A bro is not obligated to remember the birthday of another bro. *He also doesn’t seem to mind if his birthday is ignored.

22. A bro must help another bro who is in need of a condom.

23. When another guy buys a round of beers, he must reciprocate.

24. A bro always lifts the toilet seat to make room for another bro.

25. When a bro tells another bro a secret, that secret must be carried to the grave.

The unspoken norms that define what it means to be a true bro are expected to be followed by true card-carrying brothers. If you’re honest with your man buddies, breaching the bro code guidelines doesn’t make you any less of a bro. Bros don’t let bros do stupid things alone, after all.

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