15 signs of attraction that don’t lie


15 signs of attraction that don’t lie – Utilize these signs of attraction to determine whether a guy is thinking about more than just his friends.

While one or two signs are acceptable, the more signs that appear, the greater the likelihood that he is smitten with you.

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1. He takes a personal interest. Is he the type to ask you personal questions during the initial conversation? If he does, there’s a good chance he’s attracted to you and wants to make certain you’re available before revealing his true feelings. If he inquires about your boyfriend or anything excessively personal about your relationship during a first conversation, he is most likely interested in you.

2. He is a gregarious individual. Occasionally, a guy who expresses interest in you during the initial conversation may attempt to please you excessively. If he is excessively concerned about you and constantly inquires whether you are feeling well or if there is anything he can get or do for you, this is a sure sign of a guy who is smitten with you.

3. He makes an attempt to touch you. A great deal. Is he occasionally on the lookout for an opportunity to touch you? Does he cling to a hug for an extended period of time or do his fingers linger on you for an extended period of time?

4. He expresses admiration for you. Let’s face it, compliments are quite personal, even more so when they are genuine. Is the gentleman with whom you’re speaking for the first time complimentary of your dress or your smile? This guy wants to make it abundantly clear that he is head over heels in love with you.

5. He is unable to stop smiling. If you’re having a conversation with a guy and notice him smiling and blushing excessively for no apparent reason, it’s probably because he’s wetting his pants with excitement at the prospect of speaking with you.

6. He quickly puts an end to any interruption. Does this guy quickly put an end to any distractions, such as a phone call or an accidental run-in with a friend on the street? If he puts everything else aside and focuses entirely on you, he may want every second spent with you to be special.

7. He is awestruck by you. When a guy falls in love with you, he can’t help but stare deeply into your eyes. If he gazes deeply or his eyes brighten, he is clearly delighted to speak with you.

8. He is vying for your attention. Is he more talkative when other guys are around, or does he engage in antics to garner your attention? If a guy cares about you and notices that you’re being distracted by another guy, he’ll do anything to reclaim your attention.

9. He is excessively protective of you. Is he protective of you when he’s with you? If he attempts to look out for danger in his own small way, he is subconsciously communicating to you that he wishes to be your protector!

10. You and I have a lot in common. Is he in complete agreement with everything you say? Or does he enthusiastically nod his head whenever you express an interest in something? A guy who is interested in you will intuitively seek out common ground to demonstrate that the two of you are compatible.

11. He inquires as to when he will be able to see you again. You may have met this guy through a friend and this is your first conversation with him. However, if he ever says “So… when am I going to see you again…”, there’s a good chance he’s already knee-deep in infatuation or love.

12. He is extremely affable. Guys who are excessively friendly during the initial conversation can appear creepy at times. However, if a guy likes you, he will make every effort to make you feel at ease around him.

13. He always finds a way to run into you. Does he inquire about your plans for the weekend or the following day? If a guy asks you these types of questions during the initial conversation, there’s a good chance he’s hoping to meet you in the near future.

14. He makes an inference about your relationship status. Now, all guys are prohibited from directly discussing their boyfriend or relationship status. It’s obviously impolite and personal, and they are aware of it. However, does he use evasive tactics to elicit responses from you? Is he inquiring about your recent vacations or the most recent films you’ve seen and with whom? These are all subtle and discrete ways to entice any boyfriends to come out of hiding.

15. He drags the conversation or conceals his intentions. One of the most obvious indicators of attraction is a guy’s desire to extend the conversation. Is he inviting you to join him in the cafeteria or a coffee shop for a while because “both of you have some spare time”? If he’s looking for ways to extend your initial conversation, he’s most likely thinking about something sweet.

Occasionally, a guy will tell you directly that he likes you. However, if you’re looking for subtle signs of attraction during a first conversation, particularly when the guy makes no move, these 15 signs will suffice. That’s it about “15 signs of attraction that don’t lie”

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